August 19 Birthdays :164 Famous People Birthdays on 19 August

Bill Clinton Birthday (August 19th)

Bill Clinton Early Life Bill Clinton was Forty-second president of the United States. He was born William Jefferson Blythe, on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. His father, William Blythe, died in a road mishap three months prior to his birth. He was adopted by his stepfather, Roger Clinton. As a....

August 19 Birthday Wishes

August 19 Birthday Wishes

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine‚ the happiness of smiles‚ the sounds of laughter‚ the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Take advantage of how things are so that one day you will take pride in telling how things were. Happy Birthday.

August 19Birthday Quotes

'And currently‚ there are four to five new works in the pipeline for upcoming celebrations such as the Sydney 2000 Olympics‚ Australian Federation‚ my 50th Birthday‚ and Sydney Dance Company’s 25th Anniversary.'

Graeme Murphy

'My happiest memory of childhood was my first birthday in reform school. This teacher took an interest in me. In fact‚ he gave me the first birthday presents I ever got: a box of Cracker Jacks and a can of ABC shoe polish.'

Flip Wilson

People Born on August 19

Year Name
1342 Katharine of Bohemia Duchess of Bavaria (d. 1395)
1398 Marques de Santillana Spanish poet (d. 1458)
1590 Henry Rich‚ 1st Earl of Holland English soldier (d. 1649)
1596 Elizabeth Stuart Electress Palatine and Queen of Bohemia (d. 1662)
1621 Gerbrand van den Eeckhout Dutch painter (d. 1674)
1631 John Dryden English poet (d. 1700)
1646 John Flamsteed first English Astronomer Royal (d. 1719)
1686 Eustace Budgell English writer (d. 1737)
1689 Samuel Richardson English writer (d. 1761)
1711 Edward Boscawen British admiral (d. 1761)
1743 Madame du Barry French courtesan (d. 1793)
1846 Luis Martin Spanish Superior-General of the Society of Jesus (d. 1906)
1848 Gustave Caillebotte French Painter (d. 1894)
1849 Joaquim Nabuco Brazilian writer‚ statesman‚ and abolitionist (d. 1910)
1853 Aleksei Brusilov Russian general (d. 1926)
1870 Bernard Baruch American financier (d. 1965)
1871 Orville Wright American aviation pioneer (d. 1948)
1875 Stjepan Seljan Croatian explorer (d. 1936)
1878 Manuel L. Quezon 2nd President of the Philippines (d. 1944)
1881 George Enescu Romanian composer (d. 1955)
1883 Jose Mendes Cabecadas 95th Prime Minister of Portugal and 9th President of Portugal (d. 1965)
1883 Coco Chanel French clothing designer (d. 1971)
1883 Elsie Ferguson American film actress (d. 1961)
1892 Alfred Lunt American actor (d. 1977)
1896 Olga Baclanova Russian-born actress (d. 1974)
1899 Charlie Hall English comedian actor (d. 1959)
1900 Colleen Moore American film actress.(d. 1988)
1900 Gilbert Ryle British philosopher (d. 1976)
1900 Gontran de Poncins French writer and adventurer (d. 1962)
1902 Ogden Nash American poet (d. 1971)
1902 J. B. L. Reyes Filipino jurist (d. 1994)
1903 James Gould Cozzens American novelist (d. 1978)
1906 Philo Farnsworth American inventor (d. 1971)
1907 Thruston B. Morton American politician (d. 1982)
1907 Archie League generally considered the first air traffic controller (d. 1986)
1912 Austin Dobson British racing driver (d. 1963)
1913 Richard Simmons American actor (d. 2003)
1913 John Argyris Greek aeronautical engineer‚ one of the creators of the Finite Element Method (d. 2004)
1914 Lajos Barti Hungarian footballer (d. 2005)
1915 Ring Lardner Jr American journalist and screenwriter (d. 2000)
1915 Alfred Rouleau French Canadian businessman and administrator (Desjardins Group) (d. 1985)
1919 Malcolm Forbes American publisher (d. 1990)
1921 Gene Roddenberry American television producer (d. 1991)
1925 Claude Gauvreau Canadian playwright (d. 1971)
1926 Arthur Rock American venture capitalist
1928 Bernard Levin English journalist‚ author‚ and broadcaster (d. 2004)
1928 Norman Brooks Canadian singer (d. 2006)
1928 Walter Massey Canadian actor
1930 Frank McCourt Irish-American author (d. 2009)
1931 Willie Shoemaker American jockey (d. 2003)
1932 Thomas P. Salmon 75th Governor of Vermont
1934 Renee Richards American physician
1935 Bobby Richardson American baseball player
1938 Diana Muldaur American actress
1939 Ginger Baker English musician (Cream)
1940 Johnny Nash American singer-songwriter
1940 Jill St. John American actress
1941 Mihalis Papagiannakis Greek politician (d. 2009)
1942 Fred Thompson American politician and actor
1943 Billy J. Kramer British singer
1944 Jack Canfield American author and speaker
1944 Buzz Kilman Chicago radio personality
1944 Bodil Malmsten Swedish writer
1944 Charles Wang Chinese-born philanthropist
1945 Ian Gillan English singer (Deep Purple)
1945 Charles Wellesley‚ Marquess of Douro English heir of the 8th Duke of Wellington
1946 Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States
1946 Beat Raaflaub Swiss conductor
1946 Dawn Steel American film producer (d. 1997)
1947 Dave Dutton English actor
1947 Terry Hoeppner American football coach (d. 2007)
1947 Gerard Schwarz American conductor
1948 Gerald McRaney American actor
1948 Tipper Gore Second Lady of the United States
1950 Jennie Bond British journalist
1950 Sudha Murthy Indian social worker and writer
1950 Graeme Beard Australian cricketer
1951 John Deacon English musician (Queen)
1951 Gustavo Santaolalla Argentine film composer
1952 Jonathan Frakes American actor and director
1953 Lynwood Slim American blues musician
1953 Mary Matalin American political consultant
1953 Nanni Moretti Italian film actor‚ director and producer
1954 Oscar Larrauri Argentine racing driver
1955 Peter Gallagher American actor
1955 Ned Yost American baseball player and manager
1956 Adam Arkin American actor
1957 Li-Young Lee Indonesia-born American poet
1957 Christine Soetewey Belgian high jumper
1957 Ian Gould England cricketer
1957 Paul-Jan Bakker Netherland cricketer
1958 Anthony Munoz American football player
1958 Gary Gaetti American baseball player
1958 Brendan Nelson Australian politician
1959 Ricky Pierce American basketball player
1959 Susan Cummings Monegasque-born American heiress and convicted murderer
1960 Morten Andersen American football player
1960 Ron Darling American baseball player and announcer
1961 Jonathan Coe British author
1962 Tammy Bruce American political commentator
1962 Valerie Kaprisky French actress
1963 John Stamos American actor
1963 Yip Sai Wing Hong Kong musician (Beyond)
1963 Joey Tempest Swedish singer (Europe)
1965 Kyra Sedgwick American actress
1965 Kevin Dillon American actor
1965 Maria de Medeiros Portuguese actress and director
1966 Lilian Garcia wrestling announcer
1966 Lee Ann Womack American musician
1968 Nikolaos Kaklamanakis Greek windsurfer
1968 Mark McGuinn country music singer
1969 Nate Dogg American rapper
1969 Kirk Herbstreit American football analyst (College GameDay)
1969 Emigdio Preciado Hispanic fugitive on FBI's Most Wanted list
1969 Paula Jai Parker American actress
1969 Matthew Perry American actor
1969 Kazuyoshi Tatsunami Japanese baseball player
1969 Patrick Van Horn American actor
1969 Clay Walker American singer
1970 Fat Joe American rapper
1970 Jeff Tam American baseball Player
1971 Joao Vieira Pinto Portuguese football player
1971 Mary Jo Fernandez Tennis player
1972 Roberto Abbondanzieri Argentine footballer
1972 Sammi Cheng Sau Man Hong Kong singer and actress
1972 Chihiro Yonekura Japanese singer
1973 Callum Blue British actor
1973 Marco Materazzi Italian footballer
1973 Carl Bulfin New Zealand cricketer
1973 Lilian Garcia Spanish-American singer and former WWE ring announcer
1974 Tim Kasher American musician‚ Cursive and The Good Life
1975 Chynna Clugston American comic book creator
1975 Tracie Thoms American actress
1975 Marco Coti Zelati Italian bassist (Lacuna Coil)
1977 Iban Mayo Spanish cyclist
1977 Takahiro Yamada Japanese bassist (Asian Kung-Fu Generation)
1978 Chris Capuano American baseball player
1979 Dave Douglas American musician (Relient K Attack Cat)
1979 Oumar Konde Swiss footballer
1980 Jun Jin Korean rapper (Shinhwa)
1980 Houcine Camara French singer
1980 Darius Danesh Scottish singer-songwriter & actor
1980 Paul Parry Welsh footballer
1980 Michael Todd American musician (Coheed and Cambria)
1982 Erika Christensen American actress
1982 J. J. Hardy American baseball player
1982 Kevin Rans Belgian pole vaulter
1982 Willy Denzey French singer
1983 Missy Higgins Australian singer-songwriter
1983 John McCargo American football player
1983 Tammin Sursok Australian actress & singer
1983 Mike Conway British racing driver
1984 Micah Alberti American actor
1984 Alessandro Matri Italian footballer
1984 Ryan Taylor English footballer
1985 Matthew Woodward English Invoicer
1985 Megan Rochell American singer
1986 Saori Kimura Japanese volleyball player
1987 Ana?s Lameche Swedish singer (Play)
1987 Richard Stearman English footballer
1988 Travis Tedford American actor
1989 Romeo Miller American rapper and basketball player
1998 Ella Guevara Filipino actress
2003 Xyriel Manabat Filipino child actress