August 18 Birthdays :165 Famous People Birthdays on 18 August

Edward Norton Birthday (August 18th)

Edward Norton was born on August 18, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts; he  is a well celebrated Hollywood actor. His  father, Edward Norton Sr., was a federal prosecutor under the Carter management and his mother, Robin, was an English teacher. He  grew up as the eld....

August 18 Birthday Wishes

August 18 Birthday Wishes

May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!

Take advantage of being young and knowing everything‚ before you get older and realize that you don’t. Happy Birthday.

August 18Birthday Quotes

'I’m trying to get the record that I made at my birthday party last year‚ trying to get that out‚ and the lawyers are diddling around with it and it probably won’t be out until next year. I don’t know.'

Marian McPartland

'A gift consists not in what is done or given‚ but in the intention of the giver or doer.'

Lucius Annaeus Seneca

People Born on August 18

Year Name
1414 Jami Persian poet (d. 1492)
1450 Marko Maruli? Croatian poet (d. 1524)
1579 Charlotte Flandrina of Nassau Roman Catholic nun (d. 1640)
1587 Virginia Dare first English child born in North America
1596 Jean Bolland Flemish Jesuit writer (d. 1665)
1605 Henry Hammond English churchman (d. 1660)
1606 Maria Anna of Spain Holy Roman Empire Empress and Queen of Hungary (d. 1646)
1611 Ludwika Maria Gonzaga queen of Poland (d. 1650)
1657 Ferdinando Galli Bibiena Italian architect/designer (d. 1743)
1685 Brook Taylor English mathematician (d. 1731)
1692 Louis Henri‚ Duc de Bourbon Prime Minister of France (d. 1740)
1720 Laurence Shirley‚ 4th Earl Ferrers English murderer (d. 1760)
1750 Antonio Salieri Italian composer (d. 1825)
1754 Francois‚ marquis de Chasseloup-Laubat French general (d. 1833)
1774 Meriwether Lewis American explorer (d. 1809)
1792 John Russell‚ 1st Earl Russell Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1878)
1803 Nathan Clifford American statesman‚ diplomat‚ and Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (d. 1881)
1822 Isaac P. Rodman American Union general (d. 1862)
1841 William Halford American naval officer (d. 1919)
1855 Alfred Wallis English artist and mariner (d. 1942)
1857 Libert H. Boeynaems Belgian Catholic prelate (d. 1926)
1870 Hugh Bromley-Davenport England cricketer (d. 1954)
1870 Lavr Georgevich Kornilov Russian general (d. 1918)
1879 Aleksandr Rodzyanko Russian general (d. 1970)
1885 Nettie Palmer Australian poet and essayist (d. 1964)
1890 Walther Funk German Nazi politician (d. 1960)
1893 Ernest MacMillan Canadian musician (d. 1973)
1893 Burleigh Grimes American baseball player (d. 1985)
1896 Jack Pickford Canadian-born actor (d. 1933)
1900 Glenn Albert Black American archaeologist (d. 1964)
1902 Adamson-Eric Estonian painter (d. 1968)
1902 Margaret Murie American conservationist‚ naturalist‚ and author (d. 2003)
1903 Lucienne Boyer French singer (d. 1983)
1904 Max Factor Polish-born cosmetics entrepreneur (d. 1996)
1906 Marcel Carne French film director (d. 1996)
1908 Edgar Faure French politician and historian (d. 1988)
1908 Bill Merritt New Zealand cricketer (d. 1977)
1909 Gerard Filion French Canadian businessman and journalist (d. 2005)
1911 Amelia Boynton Robinson American leader in the Schiller Institute
1913 Romain Maes Belgian cyclist (d. 1983)
1915 Max Lanier baseball player (d. 2007)
1916 Neagu Djuvara Romanian diplomat
1916 Don Keefer American actor
1916 Dame Moura Lympany British pianist (d. 2005)
1917 Caspar Weinberger American politician (d. 2006)
1918 Cisco Houston American folk singer (d. 1961)
1919 Walter Joseph Hickel 2nd and 8th Governor of Alaska
1920 Godfrey Evans England cricketer (d. 1999)
1920 Bob Kennedy baseball player (d. 2005)
1920 Shelley Winters American actress (d. 2006)
1921 Lydia Litvyak Soviet pilot‚ one of only two female flying aces (d. 1943)
1921 Zdzis?aw ?ygulski‚ Jr. Polish art historian
1922 Alain Robbe-Grillet French writer (d. 2008)
1923 Jenni Irani Indian cricketer (d. 1982)
1923 Sadashiv Shinde Indian cricketer (d. 1955)
1925 Brian Aldiss English writer
1925 Pierre Grondin French Canadian cardiac surgeon (d. 2006)
1927 Rosalynn Carter First Lady of the United States
1928 Marge Schott baseball team owner (d. 2004)
1929 Hugues Aufray French singer
1930 Liviu Librescu Israeli professor‚ killed in the Virginia Tech massacre (d. 2007)
1930 Bo Hi Pak Korean church leader
1931 Bramwell Tillsley Canadian Salvation Army general
1931 Dick White English footballer
1931 Hans van Mierlo Dutch politician‚ Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister (d. 2010)
1932 William R. Bennett Premier of British Columbia
1933 Just Fontaine French footballer
1933 Roman Polanski French-born director and actor
1934 Vincent Bugliosi American attorney
1934 Ronnie Carroll British singer
1934 Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player and humanitarian (d. 1972)
1935 Rafer Johnson American athlete
1935 Howard Morrison New Zealand entertainer
1936 Robert Redford American actor
1938 Joe Frank American radio personality
1939 Harald Heide-Steen Jr. Norwegian actor and comedian (d. 2008)
1939 Robert Horton British businessman
1939 Johnny Preston American singer
1942 Judith Keppel first British winner of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
1943 Martin Mull American comedian
1943 Gianni Rivera Italian footballer and politician
1943 Carl Wayne English singer (d. 2004)
1944 Robert Hitchcock Australian Sculptor
1945 Barbara Harris American singer (Toys)
1948 Joseph Marcell British actor
1949 Rudy Hartono Indonesian badminton player
1952 Elayne Boosler American comedian
1952 Patrick Swayze American actor (d. 2009)
1952 Ricky Villa Argentine former footballer
1953 Louie Gohmert American politician
1954 Angela Dimitriou Greek singer
1955 Taher ElGamal Egyptian scientist
1956 John Debney American composer
1956 Sandeep Patil Indian cricketer
1956 "Jon ""Bermuda"" Schwartz" American musician
1957 Carole Bouquet French actress
1957 Denis Leary American comedian and actor
1958 Madeleine Stowe American actress
1959 Tom Prichard American wrestler
1960 Mike LaValliere baseball player
1960 Fat Lever American basketball player
1961 Bob Woodruff American journalist‚ anchor
1962 Felipe Caldern President of Mexico
1962 Geoff Courtnall Canadian ice hockey player
1964 Craig Bierko American actor
1964 Edith Frost American singer/songwriter
1964 Kenny Walker American basketball player
1965 Jim Florentine American comedian
1965 Koji Kikkawa Japanese singer
1966 Gustavo Charif Argentine artist
1966 Kang Soo-yeon South Korean actress
1967 Brian Michael Bendis American comic-book writer
1967 Daler Mehndi Indian bhangra/pop singer
1967 Dan Peters American musician
1968 Lee Seung-yeon South Korean actress
1969 Isaac Austin American basketball player
1969 Everlast American musician
1969 Masta Killa American rapper
1969 Mark Kuhlmann German rugby player
1969 Edward Norton American actor
1969 Christian Slater American actor
1970 Jessica Hsuan Hong Kong actress
1970 Greg Dean Schmitz American film journalist
1970 Malcolm-Jamal Warner American actor
1971 Richard D James Irish musician (Aphex Twin)
1971 Jacob Vargas American actor
1972 Leo Ku Hong Kong singer
1972 Masahiro Nakai Japanese singer
1972 Shaun Wilson Australian artist
1972 Keiko Yamada Japanese singer
1975 Kaitlin Olson American actress
1976 Paraskevas Antzas Greek footballer
1976 Daphnee Duplaix Samuel American actress and glamor model
1976 Bryan Volpenhein American rower
1977 Regine Chassagne Canadian musician Arcade Fire
1978 Andy Samberg American comedian
1978 Luke Williams Welsh musician (Quinoline Yellow)
1979 Stuart Dew Australian rules footballer
1980 Esteban Cambiasso Argentine footballer
1980 Kieron Davies Welsh-born German rugby player
1980 Preeti Jhangiani Indian actress
1980 Rob Nguyen Australian racing driver
1980 Athina Papayianni Greek race walker
1980 Bart Scott American football player
1980 Jeremy Shockey American football player
1981 Cesar Delgado Argentine footballer
1981 Carla Khan Pakistani Squash Player
1981 Dimitris Salpigidis Greek footballer
1981 Jon Schneck American musician (Relient K Audio Adrenaline)
1983 Cameron White Australian cricketer
1983 Kris Boyd Scottish footballer
1983 Danny! American record producer/hip-hop artist
1983 Mika Lebanese/British musician
1983 Michael Montgomery American football player
1984 Robert Huth German footballer
1985 Julen Goikoetxea Spanish Basque cyclist (d. 2006)
1985 Inge Dekker Dutch swimmer
1986 Ross McCormack Scottish footballer
1987 Mika Boorem American actress
1988 G-Dragon South Korean musician (Big Bang)
1988 Eggert Jnsson Icelandic football player
1988 Jack Hobbs English footballer
1992 Elizabeth Beisel American swimmer
1992 Frances Bean Cobain American daughter of Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love
1992 Riko Narumi Japanese actress