August 11 Birthdays :148 Famous People Birthdays on 11 August

Hulk Hogan Birthday (August 11th)

Terry Gene Bollea, well known by his wrestling nickname Hulk Hogan, was born on August 11, 1953, in Augusta, Georgia. He is the youngest son of Pete Bollea, a building foreman and Ruth Bollea, a housewife and dance trainer.He got a curiosity for wrestling in high school. He went on to....

August 11 Birthday Wishes

August 11 Birthday Wishes

My therapist suggests setting clear goals in life‚ such as living until your next birthday. Am I crazy to pay for advice like that? Anyway‚ that is also my suggestion to you.

Since it is your birthday‚ stay alert. The world needs more lerts. Happy Birthday.

August 11Birthday Quotes

'I want a chainsaw very badly‚ because I think cutting down a tree would be unbelievably satisfying. I have asked for a chainsaw for my birthday‚ but I think I’ll probably be given jewelry instead.'

Susan Orlean

'I like birthday cake. It’s so symbolic. It’s a tempting symbol to load with something more complicated than just ’Happy birthday!’ because it’s this emblem of childhood and a happy day.'

Aimee Bender

People Born on August 11

Year Name
1467 Mary of York English princess (d. 1482)
1648 Jeremiah Shepard American minister (d. 1720)
1667 Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici last of the Medicis (d. 1743)
1673 Richard Mead English physician (d. 1754)
1718 Sir Frederick Haldimand Swiss-born British colonial governor (d. 1791)
1722 Richard Brocklesby English physician (d. 1797)
1778 Friedrich Ludwig Jahn German (Prussian) gymnastics educator and nationalist (d. 1852)
1794 James Barton Longacre American engraver (d. 1869)
1807 David Rice Atchison American politician (d. 1886)
1808 William W. Chapman American politician (d. 1892)
1833 Robert G. Ingersoll American politician and soldier (d. 1899)
1833 Kido Takayoshi Japanese politician (d. 1877)
1836 Warren Brown American politician (d. 1919)
1837 Marie Francois Sadi Carnot French statesman (d. 1894)
1855 John Hodges Australian cricketer (d. 1933)
1858 Christiaan Eijkman Dutch physician‚ Nobel Prize Laureate (d. 1930)
1863 Gaston Doumergue President of the French Third Republic (d. 1937)
1870 Tom Richardson English cricketer (d. 1912)
1870 Walter Bowman Canadian soccer player (d.??)
1872 Shidehara Kijuro Prime Minister of Japan (d. 1951)
1877 Adolph M. Christianson justice of the North Dakota Supreme Court (d. 1954)
1878 Oliver W F Lodge English poet and author (d. 1955)
1892 Eiji Yoshikawa Japanese novelist (d. 1962)
1892 Hugh MacDiarmid Scottish poet (d. 1978)
1892 Archie Wiles West Indian cricketer (d. 1957)
1897 Louise Bogan American poet (d. 1970)
1897 Enid Blyton English author (d. 1968)
1900 Philip Phillips American archaeologist (d. 1994)
1902 Alfredo Binda Italian cyclist (d. 1986)
1902 Lloyd Nolan American actor (d. 1985)
1905 Erwin Chargaff Austrian biochemist (d. 2002)
1907 Ted a'Beckett Australian cricketer (d. 1989)
1909 Yuji Koseki Japanese composer (d. 1989)
1912 Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs German astronomer (d. 1954)
1912 Thanom Kittikachorn Prime Minister of Thailand (d. 2004)
1913 Angus Wilson British novelist (d. 1991)
1913 Paul Dupuis French Canadian actor (d. 1976)
1913 Bob Scheffing American professional baseball player and manager (d. 1985)
1914 Jose Silva American parapsychologist (d. 1999)
1916 Johnny Claes Belgian racing driver (d. 1956)
1919 Ginette Neveu French violinist (d. 1949)
1919 Luis Olmo Puerto Rican baseball player
1920 Chuck Rayner Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2002)
1921 Alex Haley American historian (d. 1992)
1923 Stan Chambers American television reporter
1925 Mike Douglas American entertainer (d. 2006)
1925 Floyd Curry National Hockey League player (d. 2006)
1926 Aaron Klug Lithuanian-born chemist‚ Nobel Prize Laureate
1926 Claus von Blow Danish-born British socialite
1927 Raymond Leppard English conductor
1928 Arlene Dahl American actress
1930 Paul Soles Canadian actor and television personality
1932 Fernando Arrabal Spanish writer
1932 Peter Eisenman American architect
1932 Israel Asper Canadian tax lawyer (d. 2003)
1932 John Gorrie English director
1933 Jerry Falwell American preacher (d. 2007)
1933 Jerzy Grotowski Polish theatre director (d. 1999)
1936 Andre Dubus American short-story writer (d. 1999)
1938 Branko Stanovnik Slovenian chemist
1939 Ronnie Dawson American rockabilly performer (d. 2003)
1940 Lennie Pond American NASCAR driver
1942 Mike Hugg British musician (Manfred Mann)
1943 Abigail Folger American heiress and Manson murder victim (d. 1969)
1943 Stefania Toczyska Polish mezzo-soprano
1943 Pervez Musharraf Pakistani politician
1944 Ian McDiarmid Scottish actor
1944 Frederick W. Smith American entrepreneur
1946 Marilyn vos Savant American newspaper columnist
1946 John Conlee American country music singer
1947 Georgios Karatzaferis Greek politician
1948 Jan Palach Czechoslovakian student protester (d. 1969)
1949 Eric Carmen American musician
1949 Tim Hutchinson American politician
1950 Erik Brann American musician (Iron Butterfly) (d. 2003)
1950 Gennidy Nikonov Russian weapons inventor (d. 2003)
1950 Steve Wozniak American computer pioneer
1951 Vincent Bilodeau Canadian actor and comedian
1953 Hulk Hogan American professional wrestler
1953 Amy Holland American Pop Rock singer
1954 Joe Jackson English singer
1954 Juan Maria Solare Argentine composer
1954 Yashpal Sharma Indian cricketer
1954 M. V. Narasimha Rao Indian cricketer
1955 Sylvia Hermon British politician
1955 Marc Bureau Canadian politician
1956 Pierre-Louis Lions French mathematician
1957 Ian Stuart Donaldson British singer (Skrewdriver) (d. 1993)
1959 Gustavo Cerati Argentinian musician (Soda Stereo)
1959 Yoshiaki Murakami Japanese investor
1961 Craig Ehlo American basketball player
1962 Shaul Karnain Sri Lankan cricketer
1962 Ennis Whatley American basketball player
1963 Hiromi Makihara Japanese baseball player
1964 Jim Lee Korean comic book artist
1964 Nikki Randall American pornographic actress
1964 Miguel A. Nunez‚ Jr. American actor
1965 Marc Bergevin Canadian ice hockey player
1965 Shinji Mikami Japanese video game designer (Resident Evil)
1965 Viola Davis American actress
1965 Embeth Davidtz American actress
1965 Duane Martin American actor
1966 Nigel Martyn English footballer
1967 Enrique Bunbury Spanish singer
1967 Eric Maleson Brazilian bobsledder
1967 Collin Chou Taiwanese actor
1967 Joe Rogan American television host‚ comedian‚ commentator‚and‚ actor
1968 Noordin Mohammad Top Malaysian Islamist terrorist (d. 2009)
1969 Ashley Jensen British actress
1970 Teresa Pavlinek Canadian actress
1971 Tommy Mooney English football player
1971 Alejandra Barros Mexican actress
1971 Julie Clarke glamor model
1972 Jonathon Prandi American model
1973 Nigel Harman British actor
1973 Carolyn Murphy American model
1974 Audrey Mestre French diver (d. 2002)
1974 Hadiqa Kiyani Pakistani singer
1974 Marie-France Dubreuil Canadian figure skater
1974 Anju Jain Indian cricketer
1975 Davey von Bohlen American musician (The Promise Ring‚ Maritime)
1976 Ivan Crdoba Colombian footballer
1976 Bubba Crosby American baseball player
1976 Will Friedle American actor
1976 Ben Gibbard American musician (Death Cab for Cutie‚ The Postal Service)
1976 Erick Lindgren American poker player
1976 ?ubomir Vis?ovsky Slovak ice hockey player
1977 Gemma Hayes Irish singer
1978 Spyros Gogolos Greek footballer
1978 Amber Mariano American reality television personality
1978 Jermain Taylor American boxer
1979 Aggeliki Daliani Greek actress
1980 Lee Suggs American football player
1980 Daniel Lloyd British cyclist
1981 Fiona Sit Hong Kong singer and actress
1981 Sandi Thom Scottish singer
1982 Alan Halsall British actor
1983 Chris Hemsworth Australian actor
1984 Melky Cabrera Dominican baseball player
1984 Lucas di Grassi Brazilian racing driver
1984 Katie Rees American beauty pageant contestant
1985 J-Boog American singer and a member of B2K
1985 Asher Roth American rapper
1986 Richard Keogh Irish footballer
1986 Kaori Fukuhara Japanese voice actress
1986 Pablo Sandoval Venezuelan baseball player
1987 Dany N'Guessan French footballer
1993 Alyson Stoner American actress‚ model‚ singer and dancer