Ataxia Awareness Day 2017

The Ataxia Awareness Day is observed on 25th of September of every year. This day is observed to put a little extra effort from the Ataxia Organization so that the world around us know about the cause and cure for such disastrous disease and they come together to have a specific plan and get involve more and more people.

Whenever there is a talk or writing about this disease people always have the same conclusion regarding it that there is nothing that can be done for such disease. As there is no possible cure yet discovered neither the patient suffering from Ataxia is been diagnosed well. But there are atleast two things that can be done with the observance of Ataxia Awareness Day and they are:

  1. More and more fund can be collected for the research of the cure of the Ataxia
  2. To create much public awareness in regards of Ataxia.

This rare neurologist disorder is not genetic but can have serious affect for the family individuals. Initially the patient suffers from clumsiness and loss of co-ordination. But later it starts affecting the mobility, speaking powers and often leads to complete physical dependency. With such a rare disorder good supports are very few and thus with the observance of Ataxia Awareness Day some national organization come forward and co-ordinate some fund raising activities for research and also holds annual meetings for the similar purpose.

Through Ataxia Awareness Day the national and local support groups as well as families and individuals are also invited to help and support to hold an Awareness Activity.

Ataxia Awareness Day: 25th September is the Ataxia Awareness Day every year and many special events are held to recognize this special day. Many considerations are put forth while deciding the nature of the event. The perfect and worldwide acceptable activities for this event that is suitable to all the communities are:

  1. Press Releases on the research and cure of Ataxia
  2. Awareness Poster to be pasted everywhere
  3. Open Public meeting for the view and help to raise the funds
  4. Proclamation signing to co-ordinate the awareness raising activity.
  5. To form a Walk n Roll event for the awareness promotion
  6. To organize a sale in the name of Ataxia Awareness Sale
  7. To collect as much donation as you can
  8. Get the media coverage with the help of the local newspaper and radio stations so that they talk about the event
  9. Get hold of a Candle Light Ceremony in the remembrance of those who have suffered from Ataxia. A special colour can be designed for the candles.
  10. Print T-shirt in the name of Ataxia Awareness Day

The numbers of events that can be held have an unending list and also the number of participation in the Ataxia Awareness Day has been growing day by day. The organization is welcoming all of you to share your experience and idea about the successful of the event.

More and more activities can be organized so that more participation from the public is expected and this is done to make Ataxia Awareness Day a successful campaign.