The ASWB test or the Association of Social Work Board test is conducted by the American college testing program to assess if the candidate possesses the degree of knowledge and technique required for social work procedure and clinical setting.

There are four ASWB tests to analyze the aptitude that the candidate possess and evaluate their level of caliber with which they can deliver their work. Besides these tests, candidates are also required to possess some work experience and desired academic excellence.


The ASWB examination consists of 170 multiple choice questions out of which 150 are scoring whereas the other 20 are pretest questions for future reference. The test is divided into 11 segments.


The candidate needs to prove eligibility by catering to the state board requirements. These eligibility steps in the procedure include:
At the time of registration the candidate will have to make payment of a registration fee of $175. He will also be required to offer details like - education and work history.
The candidate will receive an authorization letter from ASWB through the mail. This letter will consist of a number that will be required to set up a test appointment.

When a candidate will be registered for the exam with ASWB, he will be asked to mention which one of the ASWB exams he intends to take. There are four major exam categories: Bachelors, Masters, Advanced Generalist, and Clinical. Each of these exams manifests different eligibility requirements.


With the ASWB exam you become certified to work as a social worker. To take the test and successfully pass it, you need to ensure that you cover each and every aspect of the examination and begin with the preparation of a suitable plan before the examination. For preparation you can take assistance of ASWB Study guide.


The raw passing score which mean that the number of questions a candidate should answer correctly to pass the examination differs from administration to administration. Your jurisdiction's scaled score will remain same.

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