The ASSET test evaluates how well a student has grasped concepts and offers detailed feedback on the same, to enable them to improve.

Two types of ASSET tests are conducted. The Basic Skills Tests are called primary test and assess the candidate’s potentials in writing, reading and numerical questions. The Advanced Mathematics Tests analyze student’s capabilities in geometry and algebra pertaining to advanced level mathematics. In these tests only multiple-choice based questions are administered. For each test 25 minutes are alloted to the candidates. The exam is based on a paper and pencil pattern.


The ASSET is not an admissions test but it's facilitated after an individual has taken admission in college. These tests allow a college to determine whether or not a student has the knowledge and aptitude to succeed in college. ASSET exams also enable the college to place an admitted student in the courses that are found appropriate for him/her.


Even though ASSET does not squeeze the memory, studying 1 or 2 days prior to the test will not help in getting a good score. The real preparation for ASSET lies in asking questions and trying to answer those points that are tough to understand.

Do small experiments to understand the concepts. Reading newspapers, good magazines and books on regular basis can be helpful. This will allow the candidate to improve his/her aptitude and application skills, besides keeping them updated on developments related to various fields. Coaching or tuition classes for the ASSET test is not needed. Candidates can also surf the web like NASA, USGS, BBC, etc to gather more information.


Since every college has its own score slabs to be fulfilled based on different courses, it is ideal to approach the concerned colleges for having an idea of what their ASSET score requisites are. Majority of colleges publish such information on their websites, so browsing the various websites to obtain the required information in certain specific courses is highly recommended.

The minimum score needed in the ASSET test are 35 in the writing skills test, 29 in the reading skills test and 34 in the numerical skills test score less than 34. It is advisable to get enrolled for a mandatory college preparatory course if the candidate cannot reach this minimum slab score requirement. In some cases, colleges instruct students to retake some ASSET tests. How many times candidate can appear for the test is also determined by the college.

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