ASP Exam

The ASP exam is conducted for safety professionals and it is an entry-level certification exam in the U.S. Although getting employment without the certification of ASP is also possible but passing the exam is necessary for people employed in the field of safety seeking to accomplish the highest levels of both liability and income in their respective domains.


Not all safety professional is qualified to take the test. The candidates should have an accredited college degree (either associate's or bachelor's), preferably in safety and must be employed in the safety industry.

There are two tests that a candidate needs to pass to become a certified safety professional or this is also termed as associate safety professional. These exams are safety fundamentals and comprehensive practice exam. The comprehensive practice test consists of 200 questions.


Ensure to sleep well the night before the exam. Do not awake till late hours trying to stuff a few more facts into your brain.

Chalk out a plan to go through the exam twice. Skip those questions that take more than 45 seconds to solve in your first shot in the exam. Work the easier questions first to save time to attempt complex problems later on. This way you will get enough time to solve easier problems first and easily having sufficient time to spend on tough problems.
Make it a point to answer each question. Make a guess if you don't know, but guess prudently.


The reason for the high failure rate in this exam is due to the failure to understand the scope and complexity of the test by the examinees and their trust on incomplete and misleading study material and guides. In addition, candidates generally facilitate a shotgun approach in preparing for the exam. Right approach, calculated move, planning and right workbooks/CDs and workshops can offer a focused approach and candidates can clear the exam easily.

Although the ASP exam is not easy to clear, but referring an excellent study guide and with hard work, most candidates can achieve a passing score.

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