Ask A Stupid Question Day 2017

How many are aware that there is a day even to ask a stupid question? Though the day is meant for the students and celebrated in the schools, many take the opportunity to ask the friends and known a stupid question. People often hesitate to ask few of the questions arise in the mind thinking the question as stupid and feel that people may take him or her as stupid if the question is asked. But most of the times, many questions which may lead to a great change may remain unasked due to the reason. The day provides a chance not only to entertain the people but also to bring the courage to ask a question.

The quote by Forrest Gump, “Stupid is as stupid does” is taken by many as the quote of the day and the movie, “Dumb and Dumber” is recognized as the movie of the day.

When is Ask a Stupid Question Day is celebrated?

 Ask a Stupid Question Day is usually celebrated every year on 28th of September. If the day falls in the weekend, the day is celebrated on the last school day of September.

Origin of the day

The day was initiated during 1980’s by the school teachers as they noticed that the students lack the courage to question in the class taking their question as stupid. Thus, to encourage the kids the teachers dedicated a day to ask a stupid question. According to them, as the students are intended to ask stupid questions they try to take out the hidden question.

Celebrations of the day

The day is celebrated in the schools by the teachers and the students. The teachers encourage the students to be prepared with the questions. The schools are decorated with the related information and pictures. The students are entertained with books and films, pertinent. Several magazines, news papers and websites, also take part in the celebrations publishing stupid questions and silly answers besides allowing the readers to question or answer.

Importance of the day

The day is rather important for the kids as the day encourages them to open up and speak out freely. This kind of celebrations improves the rapport between teacher and students. The great people like Socrates also had found the truth about many things through questioning about various things. The day is the symbol of laughter and encouragement.

Activities of the day

One can choose any of the following activities:

  • Collect the stupid questions from magazines, news papers and websites
  • Try to answer the stupid questions asked in a different way
  • Try to know the answer in case the answer is unknown
  • Post the questions in websites
  • Know the origin of the day
  • Paste the collection of the stupid questions and silly answers on the dashboard of the class
  • Teachers may also entertain kids by asking stupid questions and by letting the students answer them
  • Entertain your friends asking them stupid questions and letting them asking them to ask the questions
Ask A Stupid Question Day 2017