ASBOG exam is mandatory for people who seek to get license as a professional geologist. The exam is conducted and supervised by the National Association of State Boards of Geology and it comprises of under mentioned two parts:

Fundamentals Of Geology (FG) Exam:

To appear in this exam, the individual should satisfy the educational requisites licensure, which includes 30 hours of geological coursework.
Practice Of Geology (PG) Exam:

To take this exam, the individual should satisfy all the licensing requirements for Texas Professional Geoscientist licensure, which includes 30 semester hours of geological coursework, degree in a geological study, geological experience of 5 years, coupled with five LORs, of which three should come from a professional source.

The ASBOG test consists of the FG test and PG test. The FG test comprises of 130 questions while the PG test asks 100 questions. Time allotted to complete both the tests is 4 hours.


The requisites of this test include:

Submit a completed, duly signed and notarized Application for Approval to take FG examination.

Non-refundable application fee containing $50 by money order or check made payable to the concerned authority.

Arrange for the Board office to accept a transcript from your college or university which should show that you have either earned a degree in geology, or completed 30 credit hours in geoscience, out of which 24 credits are third or higher year courses.


While preparing for The National Association Of State Boards Of Geology( ASBOG) Exam you should ensure that you are revising and practicing each and every topic of the subject. You can also take the help and references from the ASBOG study guide that will enable you to get accustomed with the examination pattern and prepare well for the examination.


The ASBOG exam scores are based on questions answered correctly. In this exam there is not negative marking for wrong answers. For this reason, candidates are suggested to make their best guess when not sure of the correct answer to any question. The scaled score is extracted from the total score, considering the relative complexity of ASBOG test version. The highest possible scaled score can be a 100, whereas the passing marks is a 70. The ASBOG examination is open during the spring and fall season of every year.

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