Armed Forces Day 2017

Armed Forces Day 2017 is celebrating on May 20th.

Armed forces day is an opportunity to pay special tribute to all the men and women who are in the service of their country day and night. It is the day to honor, to recognize and venerate all the people in the military force who are willing to sacrifice their life for their motherland. Several nation of the world have decided on different dates for Armed Forces Day to honor and acknowledge their military force. Most countries celebrate a single day to honor all the branches of military while some countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka have different days to honor each branch of military force.


The origin of the Armed Forces Day can be traced back to sixty years back when the Secretary of Defense Louis Johnson decided to introduce one single day to honor the military force of the country. On 31st of august 1949, he announced the creation of the Army Force Day instead of five different days to honor the differentbranches of the military forces. This single day celebration came from the unification of different armed forces under a single department, the Department of Defense.

The Armed Forces Day was supported by President Harry S Truman who wanted to prove that America's military was ready for any threat or danger. And it was he who proclaimed the first armed forces Day on May 20, 1950. The first Armed forces day was themed on ' Teamed for defense", so as to pass on the unification of the entire military department under a single head. On this day a number of programs were organized to make the public aware of the different works of the military forces in war and in peace. It also demonstrated the importance of the military force and their role in the civilian's life. It was a day when the people ofthe country first expressed the acknowledgement and tribute to all the big and small people of the department who had made the life comfortable and easy.

Celebrating in the US

The U S holiday of Armed Forces Day was decided to be celebrated as a single day honoring all branches of the military: the Air Force, the Army, the Navy and the Marine. The United States Armed celebrates this day on the third Saturday of May. It was intended to replace the separate celebration of Army Day, the Navy day, the Coast Guard Day and the Marine Corps but these days are still observed within each particular service. The Armed Force week celebrations in the United States starts on the second Saturday of may and ends on the third Sunday.

The first Armed Force day was celebrated in Washington D C in which 100 troupes from different branches of military marched past the President Truman and his party. On this day, parades, air shows, open houses, military interaction and receptions were organized on the day and many people gathered on this day to observe this novel celebration.


The Armed Forces Day is celebrated to honor each individual who serve the country by being a part of the military force and the day also demonstrates the preparedness of these brave soldiers to face every sort of threats and challenges. On this day, it is a tradition to fly the American flag and to wear clothing of red, blue or white color. Some people watch a patriotic movie on this day or read novels about the lives of soldiers as an act of understanding more about them and their lives. Some charity trusts and some institutions sent military care products to the military personnel so as to show the respect and love towards these people who serve their country and guard their fellow brothers all the time, day and night.

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Armed Forces Day 2017