Armed Forces Day Parade 2016

On February 27 1950, the armed forces day was proclaimed by the president, Harry s Truman and in the speech announcing the formation of the day, he praised the work of the military services which is vital to the security of the nation and for the peace of the country. He also announced the celebration of the first armed forces day on the third Saturday of May.

The first armed forces day was celebrated on the 20th of many in the Year 1950. The celebration was themed "Teamed for Defense" which shows the unification of different department of the military force.  The armed forces day also served an educational purpose for the civilians; it made the civilians aware of the role of military force in the life of the civilians and it also help them to know the type of job the military forces do during peace and at war.


The armed forces day an opportunity to pay respect and every men and women who serve the country through the armed forces. The National flag of the country is hoisted on the day and this day is observed by decorating the streets with the colors of the American national flag and dressing in red, blue and white. Parades, receptions, open houses and air shows are conducted in the armed forces day or on any day during the week. Other shows are also conducted by the military department where the civilians get a chance to see the using of different weapons and their displays. Sometimes the people even get chance to have a hand on hand practice of certain basic military procedures.

The Armed Forces Day Parade

The day is celebrated by military marches in the parade ground; it is one of the most massive attractive events of the celebration. The American national flag will be hoisted at the parade and if other flags are there, it will have to be marching right or will be just in front of other flags during the parade. These parades can be partly sponsored by any number of institutions and business enterprises or even willing citizens. Thousands of participants take part in these parades and more than ten thousand viewers comes to watch it.

The parades are usually conducted based on a theme and volunteers like school and college students, besides the military men sometimes participate in the parades. This year's armed forces day would be on May 18, 2013 and the theme will be ' In Honor of those who serve". Float and towed displays are also conducted along with the parade.  The parade is open to all the common people for free but to have the lunch associated with the day one should register beforehand.

And it is wonderful to watch the people in uniform who breathe for the country marching together in a single rhythm. Air shows are also conducted by along with the parade march. The parades are a major tourist attraction during the month of May and these parades makes the viewers feel more patriotic at heart and also a respect to the military people arise as we see them moving synchronously to the beat of the music.

Armed forces day is an opportunity to thank the military team for being ever ready to take care of the country and its security. This is a day when we honor the people of the military force, that too from our heart; if such a day and celebration was not there we would have never found an opportunity to know them better and to thank them properly for all the services they offer day and night.

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