Armed Forces Day Celebrations

Armed forces day is celebrated around the world so as to acknowledge, honor and salute the men and women in all branches military who have dedicated their life in the security of the motherland. Before 1950 each branch of military forces observed different day as their own   day of celebration. In the year 1949, the Secretary of defense Louis Johnson announced the creation of armed forces day which combined the army, navy, air force, marine day into a single observation. Today the armed forces day is celebrated on the third Saturday of May every year in the United States. This year, the armed forces day will come on May 21, 2016.

The first armed forces day was celebrated on May 20, 1950and the United States president Harry S Truman proclaimed the very first Armed forces day. The theme of the 1950 Armed forces day was 'Teamed for Defense", which expressed the unification of each of the military department under a single department, the department of Defense. According to the Department of defense, this day was observed so as to make the common people aware of the jobs done by the military officials at the time of peace and war. This celebration is aimed to make the people understand the importance of these people in the life of the civilians.

Celebration of Armed Forces Day

Many events are organized across the country to honor the people who spent their day and night in the service of the country. The Armed Force week celebrations start on the second Saturday of may and ends on the third Sunday. During this week various programs are organized by the civilians to show their respect towards the work of the military personals. And parades and military events are hosted by the people of the military so as to show their work and make the people know more of their life.

On this national observance, the national flag of the country is hoisted and the people dresses in red, blue and white; the color of the national flag. Road parades and air shows are organized on the day and it attracts a lot of public attraction.

Many educational classes and seminars are conducted so as the educate the people about military department and its functioning. During the Armed force week various television channels organizes talk shows with famous personals in the different department of military forces and some telecast patriotic movies or play during this week. Posters and writings are also displayed during the week or military information exhibitions are held at schools and other institutions.

Military support kits and packages are made and distributed among the people in uniform to show that,' we care for your care and services'. Motorcycle rides themed 'support the troupes" are conducted on the day or during the week.

Some people also uses the day to show respect to the dead soldiers who lived and died for the country and its people. Certain types of music are played at the cemeteries to show respect to the brave soldiers who lost their life for the country. Bungle call known as Taps are usually played by the United States military at Flag services, memorial services and funerals.

Some military forces arrange gun runs and drill displays to entertain the public and people also get a chance to see Army Air Corps Apache attack helicopter at close range and children are encouraged to climb on board the commando’s rigid raiders on the day.

Though the Armed forces day is on the third Saturday of May, National Guard and reserve Units may celebrate it on any day on May due to the unique training schedule. And different branches of military also celebrate their own day on different dates along with the unified celebration of the Armed Forces Day.

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