Armed Forces Day Activities & Events

Armed forces day is celebrated around the world so as to honor and salute all the men and women who dedicate their life to the security of the nation and its people. Thearmed forces day is celebrated on the third Saturday of May every year at United States. This year , the armed forces day will be on May 21.

The observance of armed forces day began 60 years ago and the first armed forces day in the United States took place on 20 May 1950. The armed forces day was started as a unified celebration of all the department of the military under a single force; the Department of Defense. This day not only is observed so as to acknowledge the work of the forces, it is also a time when the civilians get a chance to know more about the work of the people in uniform and about their role in the life of common people.

Armed Forces Day Events

Armed forces day is celebrated with many activities and events. The American flag is hoisted high on this day in the military grounds and camps. Parades, air shows and military displays are held on the day for public. Thearmed forces day parades attract thousands of viewers on the parade ground and these are also forecasted live on the television. Motor cycle rides themed; support troupes are also held during the week. Various events are held in the third week of may which show the acknowledgement of the citizen and the government towards the military forces and their contributions.

Certain types of music are also played at armed forces day event and also at the memorials and at cemeteries, as a way to value those in the armed forces who died for their country. Buglers have played a bugle call, known as Taps, on armed forces day in recent years. Taps is typically sounded by the United States military at proceedings such as flag ceremonies and commemorative services.

The different military forces will hold demonstration of their work for the open public during the armed forces day observation. Gun runs, military displays and drills are arranged to entertain the public and the people gets a chance to see the attack helicopter and are all  also allowed to climb on the commando's rigid rangers on the day. Military support kits are distributed among the soldiers as a token of respect and feast and dinner parties are also arranged by different organizations.

Armed Forces Day Activities

Various educational activities are conducted at schools and educational institutions to educate the students and make them aware of the jobs of the military force and about what they do to make our life comfortable. The speeches and seminars held at school during the celebration week also infuse a feel of patriotism and love towards the country in the little citizens. Essay writing, painting and drawing competitions are also conducted during the celebration. Various military displays and poster exhibitions are held at libraries and public places with the aim of educating more people about the celebration and the reason for the celebration.

Skits and cultural programs are also organized on the day which is an interesting way to participate the kids in the celebration and making them understand about the day at the same time.

Almost all the country observe a day to honor their military force, some observe it on a single day the armed forces day and some on different days for different military forces. The date of the observation may also change between countries, but no matter what it is the best opportunity to thank our military forces, to thank them for being with the country and keeping it and its citizen safe and secure. This day is an opportunity to understand about the life and duties performed by those very important people who keep us safe at the time of war and peace, sometimes even risking their own life in doing so.

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