Archaeology Day 2017

  • The origins of this particular day in the annual calendar are not clearly recorded. In fact there is no real consensus as to the correct date.
  • The most common date agreed upon however is 31st July each year.
  • Even though it is more popular in the United Kingdom, it is also celebrated in the US on different dates, sometimes as late as October as in Texas when the San Jose National Park celebrates its archeology day on the 7th of October each year.

Why Archaeology Day is Celebrated

Archaeology is a fascinating and exciting subject to most people although one does not get to know much in detail about it on a day-to-day basis. There is something magical about studying the remains of civilizations long since gone by.

It may so happen that a particular historical monument may lie in the daily route to work and back. But what about actually getting personally involved in Archaeology? That is what Archaeology Day is all about.

Activities on Archeology Day

Let us now have a look at what actually happens on this day.

  • Participatory Events: The first centre of attraction on this day of course is a museum. You can visit your local museum and check out what activities they have planned out. You can be sure that they will have planned some interesting activities in the form of workshops, games and competitions.
  • Talks and Seminars: There will be several talks, seminars and lectures organized on this day. Several prominent archeologists will give talks and share their experiences with people, enhancing their awareness about the field of archaeology.
  • Digs and Expeditions: If you are lucky enough to live near an archeological site, the local authorities are likely to organize a dig or some kind of expedition or tour to allow the general public to participate and learn about how archaeology is carried out. You can be an archaeologist for a day and who knows – you may even take it further and become a part-time or full-time archeologist.
  • Live Demonstrations: Some museums like the Gloucester County Museum in the UK actually organize live demonstrations for example, like that of an ancient forest blacksmith at work.
  • Slide Shows and Films: There are likely to be slide shows and films organized at museums on Archaeology Day. So a visit to the local museum may turn out to be quite an enriching experience.


So, if you have a fascination for old and ancient things and enjoy a bit of history, take a journey into the past on Archaeology Day in your town or city, and participate any activities which may come your way. Make it a day to remember.

Archaeology Day 2017