Arbor Day Trees

Arbor Day is a day when groups and individuals encourage the planting and caring of trees. This day is a holiday for everyone. The Arbor Day has its origin in Nebraska City in 1872 in the Unites States. The founder of Arbor Day is J. Sterling Morton. The first Arbor Day was on April 10, 1872 and on this day about 1 million trees were planted.

Arbor Day is observed in many other countries as well. It also depends on the dates as trees can be planted on seasons when it is possible to plant. The favorable season is usually spring.

Arbor Day Trees in Different Countries

Belgium- In Belgium, International Day of Tree planting is celebrated around March 21 in Flanders. Arbor Day is not a public holiday; it is celebrated as an educational day/theme day/observance. This day is also sometimes clubbed with other awareness campaigns like to fight against cancer.

Australia- In Australia, July 28 is the New Tree Planting Day for all the school all over Australia. In Australia, July 30 is National Planting Day for other nations. Many states observe Arbor Day though Arbor Week is observed only in Victoria. This was suggested in the year 1980s by the Premier Dick Hamer. Arbor Day has been observed since June 20, 1889 in Australia.

Canada- In Canada, the Maple Leaf Day is observed on the last Wednesday in the month of September. This day is observed during the National Forest Week. Arbor Week is celebrated in Ontario in the month of April on the last Friday till the first Sunday of May. Arbor Day is celebrated by Nova Scotia on Thursday during the National Forest Week. This is the first complete week in May.

Brazil- The Arbor Day is also known as Dia da Arvore in Brazil. It is not a national holiday and is celebrated on September 21st. Many schools all over celebrate by involving into various activities like tree planting.

Cambodia- Arbor Day Trees is celebrated on June 1st.

Central African Republic- Arbor Day Trees is celebrated on July 22nd.

United States- In the United States, Arbor Day came into existence in 1872. J. Sterling Morton was the first person who founded in Nebraska City, Nebraska. It was only in1920 that the rest of the states had passed the public laws that marked a certain day to be as Arbor Day and Bird Day observance.

South Africa- South Africa celebrated Arbor Day only from 1983 till 1999. The national government extended the National Arbor Day to National Arbor Week. It starts from September 1st to September 7th. In this two trees are planted- one rare and one common so as to increase the public awareness. In schools, children are encouraged into different activities. Along with them various other organizations and businesses also get involved to observe Arbor Day.

Philippines- In Philippines, Arbor Day Trees is observed every year on June 25. It is observed all over the nation and people plant many trees and indulge in many activities related to this day. The main aim of observing Arbor Day Trees is to promote a better and healthier ecosystem for everyone. In Proclamation No.643, it was stressed on regreening the environment and it was amended in Proclamation No. 396 on June 2, 2003. In Proclamation No. 396, it stressed on active participation of government agencies including civil society, private sector, corporations and other groups. Therefore June 25, 2003 was declared as Philippines Arbor Day.

Portugal- Arbor Day is observed on March 21 in Portugal. This day is not declared as a national holiday but many schools encourage celebrating this day by planting trees and doing other activities related to it.

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