Arbor Day Events & Activities

Arbor Day is observed on the last Friday of April. This day is celebrated on different dates in different countries. Arbor Day is a day which is completely dedicated to planting trees. Many countries also observe Arbor Week.  Though this day is not a public holiday, schools and organizations are encouraged to plant trees in their neighborhood, schools and other open places.

Arbor Day is a day organized for different activities and events for kids. Children plant trees are made to realize the importance of tree for the environment. In Israel, the Tu B’Shebat which means “the fifteenth day of the Hebrew month Shebat” This day in Israel is known as New Year for Trees.

During the ancient times, when children were born during the year, trees were planted to celebrate the day. A cypress tree was planted for every girl born and a cedar tree for every boy born.

Arbor Day Activities

Arbor Day is a day full of activities and events for adults especially for children. Some activities are:-

Plant a Tree for Me T-Shirt- This is an interesting activity for kids. Children paint a tree on a t-shirt. This is a time when they can show their support for the ecosystem. Children use water colors to paint.

Plastic Watering Can- Many kids enjoy making their own watering can. This can be used in the garden to water the plants. The watering can can be made by using old plastic jugs. By taking any old jug, you can stick your favorite sticker or color it. Now make small holes with a nail and a hammer for the water to shower on your little plants.

Cotton Ball Tree- Another activity is to make a cotton ball tree with your kids. This can be made with recycled stuff at home. Take a brown cardboard and roll it like a cylinder. Stick a brown paper around it. Now make small cotton balls and stick them loosely together. Sprinkle some powdered green color on it. Your cotton ball tree is ready. This is a beautiful way to celebrate Arbor Day.

Leaf Printing- Leaf printing is an interesting activity for kids. They can make Arbor Day cards out of it. In this all you have to do is take a white thick plain paper. Take flat semi-dry leaves. Take any color of your choice and dip one side of the leaf in the color. Now put the wet side on the paper and dab it gently. Remove carefully and you have your leaf printing ready. Kids can make different designs with dried leaves.

Arbor Day Events

Arbor Day events are held in many schools for children to learn more about trees. On this day articles and stories about trees are read out to everyone. Many topics related to Arbor Day are covered.
Children are also told about trees and their uses. Children have to then write 2-3 points on how trees are useful. Kids are also taught to identify different trees and leaves. This activity helps kids to gain more knowledge about trees and their uses.

Small events are held like planting 2 trees by each person in schools and different organizations is a way to focus and honor Arbor Day. Other events like having a tree tongue twister competition are also held. Arbor Day puzzles and competitions also boost children and adults to honor this day.

Every person can honor Arbor Day by organizing events and activities like skits, poetry contests and painting contests for everyone. You can also do to make this day even more special by planting at least two trees.

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