Arbor Day Crafts

Trace just about hand and arm to create a tree and trunk. Color. Or, for a efficient effect, color a piece of paper with colors so it is totally filled like a sunset, then trace around hand and arm on black construction paper. Cut, and paste on top of sunset.

Mini Forest Making

Gather up fallen twigs from outside. Let children put in square flower holders to construct a forest. Add particulars such as animals, small nests, etc.

Tree Worms

If you include the bark of a wild tree, the children love to observe the shape the ringworms complete on it. Then they can draw a tree and create similar shapes.

Leaf Press

The kids can gather clean leaves and bark, press them, and let them glue them on paper in the form of a tree. Then cover with plain contact paper, and they have their hold pressed leaf tree.

The Tree Life Cycle

Show the kids how the leaves/buds of the tree seem in the four seasons by making a picture. For younger kids, have trees completed, and allow them color the leaves green, yellow, or make buds, and leave one empty as it is in winter.  For olderkids, they can just draw the tree in context, associating it by means of the season.

Sponge-Painted Trees


  • One small sponge for each child
  • Tempera paint
  • Construction paper or art paper

It works best to talk regarding how trees appear, with pictures of trees, first. Then, explain the children how they can use the sponges as a paint brush, moreover by stroking the sponge on the paper, or dabbing it onto the paper, which leaves the texture kind of like leaves on a tree. They can then make tree pictures.

Arm Trees

Spread child's forearm and hand brown and make on paper. This forms the basic tree trunk and branches. After brown paint is dry, let child add leaves and/or flowers either by tearing green paper into pieces and gluing them on, using fingertips in greenpaint to add leaves to tree, sponge painting leaves on tree, gluing on old puzzle pieces for leaves, etc.


Paint hand with brown paint, and stamp on paper. Then dip fingers in paint and build apple blossoms (white and pink paint), Cherry's (red) or fall colors.


The children can make yap rubbings during a walk or bring leaves back with them and do leaf rubbings in the classroom.

Torn Paper Tree

The students can tear up pieces of green and brown creation paper. The torn effect is wonderful for creating trees. The students can work collectively to create a giant class tree completed out of the torn up paper. Draw an outline of a tree on a big paper and have the students paste the torn paper all over it.

Trash Monster

  • 2 Paper Grocery Bags
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Construction Paper

Get 2 big paper grocery bags for each child. Cut a large oval out of the base of one. Glide it into the further bag, open end first, so that the oval is on peak. The oval will be the monster's mouth. Decorate the top of the bag with building paper eyes, mouth, hair, anything. Poke a small hole on the top center, about 2" from the edge, and one more on the rear, about 3" from the top. Run a pipe cleaner through the two holes and twist jointly to make a handle. Then get the monsters for a walk, and "feed" them whichever trash you discover. Also looks attractive for a garbage bag in the child's room. To empty and recycle, undo the pipe cleaner and pull the top bag out, empty and put back.

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