April Fools Day Party Ideas

Do you belong to a breed that has some really weird sense of humor? Well, if you do, and you are ready to party at the drop of a hat, don’t let April Fools’ Day pass by with just some little pranks on your family and peers. Well, the day demands more than that. Play pranks on your unsuspecting friends with some exclusive April Fools’ Day Party Ideas!

Remember that not everyone who is your friend is eligible to get your party invitation. Only invite those who fit the bill for the wacky April Fools’ Day Party and will get tickled by the pranks played on them. There is some typically emotional and seemingly intellectual group of friends that every human being on the earth tends to have. Remember that April Fools Party Ideas are neither going to thrill them nor the pranks you are planning to play on them are going to make them roll with laughter ultimately. Instead, you will run a chance of hurting their so-called sobriety and getting them to raise a hullaballoo and losing the friendship at most.

Also, always take care of a few things when you are all set to put your April Fools’ Day Party Ideas to practice. Never get the pranks get out of hand as a host, - let them be pranks only. Your pranks should never get anyone’s mood or clothing or hair devastated in the process.

Begin with the Invitations

Set the mood of the party with guffaw with some really interesting invitations. Still wondering how to invite your guests to an unconventional party as such? Well, check out these quotes:
You’ve probably heard
that many real doctors say
humor & laughter are healthy for
your heart and your well-being. Be one smart cookie and rush in to join this all Fools’ Party for a recommended dose.


The first of April, some do say, is set apart for April Fools’ Day.
But why people call it so, nor I, nor they themselves, do know.
The party’s on for sure, on purpose for pure merriment.

Mix these words with your own words of humor, upload a funny video or two along with it. You can also ask the guests to bring in videos of some funny gags they performed on their unsuspecting family members, friends and colleagues successfully. 

The Party Decorations

The theme of April Fools’ Day Party is nothing but loads and loads of pranks and laughter. Decorate the room with happy face balloons. Display posters of clowns and famous comedians. Hang some masks on the wall for some added effects.
You can design some small little tricks while decorating the party space itself for a bellyful of laughter, like, replacing certain cushions of a couch with whoopee cushions on some of the seating! Invest in a slingshot flying monkey. Shoot it at an unsuspecting guest suddenly during the party.

Let the Fun Begin

The wacky fun of April Fools’ Day Party lies on the fact of how you arrange your party. You can pay attention to have little fun and frolic scattered all through your party. Remember, laughter is the main ingredient that will enliven your party. Here are some April Fools’ Day Party Ideas to prank your guests:

  • Fill an opaque perfume bottle with onion juice. Pass it around at the party.
  • Ask a friend or friends to sport mask/masks and intrude the party midway with an artificial knife (the one whose blade pushes inside as soon as it touches something). Ask an unsuspecting guest to open the door.
  • Replace the car keys of your guests with another set that looks similar, but won’t work.
  • Place a fake car scratch tattoo on a broken glass tattoo on the car of a guest who loves his car too much.
  • Another fun-filled activity that can be one of the excellent April Fools’ Day Party Ideas is to ask guests to do pantomime acts by picking up chits which you should prepare beforehand. You can jot down simple things on the chits like how to give a bath to an elephant. This is certainly going to make your other guests roll with laughter.

Play Pranks with the Food as well!

When you are all done with other nuances of your April Fools’ Day Party Ideas, turn your focus on the food. It is an unconventional party and so, remember that the things that look funny and unexpected and yet taste delicious are meant for that day. Combine some “funny” foods with some classic party snacks to make your guests enjoy the food. Some special and strange-looking April Fools’ Day recipes that you can make on this day are:

  • Ant Hill Cake 
  • Aquarium Jello 
  • Baby Poop Dip 
  • Bird Poop 
  • Chunky Cat Barf 

Also, do not forget that a good exercise like laughter works up an appetite. So, have enough snacks and drinks around the room!

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