April Fools Day Ideas

A day, get pleasure from shame and fraud is called ‘All Fools Day’. ‘All Fools Day’ is started in Europe at first. ‘All Fools Day’ is known as ‘April Fools Day’. Nobody can know that when and where ‘April Fools Day’ is started. In these days, April Fools Day is obtained the most ridiculous and bushing of the people in that day. People played with pranks, jokes and hoaxes in that day. Many people were participated and enjoyed that day. Everybody participates to see that who can make an ashamed person of April Fools Day prank or joke.

April Fools Ideas

Long ago, a few April Fools Day jokes are put into a certain time that who can repeat the pranks or jokes. The people study and review some famed hoaxes, from the past, today and future for enjoyment.

April Fools Ideas

People like very much April Fools Day. They desire to prove that they are playing the pranks and jokes are safety for everybody. You have a younger that you can be appearing for more fun ideas for April fools day.

Funny Ideas:

April Fools Day Ideas 1:

Somebody told the victim that he has lost his mobile. The phone will be interrupted after 5 minutes.

April Fools Day Ideas 2:

One received a call from an unknown person. A person is asking to call, name as Quentin. She kept the call back, and she is wanted to know where Quentin is. She thinks that the mobile number is correct. The person caught many calls from the people searching for Quentin. Afterward serious calls for Quentin, wanted to know but they have got any messages.

April Fools Day Ideas 3:

Your prey gets a call from their system supplier. Their phone has been stated at fault. And wanted to test by the Voice Recognition organization. They pleased do again some unintelligent expressions.

April Fools Day Ideas 4:

It is a reality TV show; the management wanted immediately a replacement as somebody has chosen sick at the eleventh-hour. You will be preyed the show for express amusement and get down for this joke call.

April Fools Day Ideas 5:

The producer, from the home radio station, is directed to live on the radio in 20 seconds. The producer calls the show and gives right answers for three questions. The victim is answered some silly questions. But the producer said that all 3 questions are correct. The victim was won a Luxury Champagne Holiday by the producer. The victim is shocked this news. This is the humorous joke for audience.

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