April Fools Day Crafts

April Fools’ Day Crafts are incomplete some pranks and practical jokes. The real spirit of the day is brought to life with some really cool April Fools’ Day Crafts. The most interesting part of these crafts is, children are very much amused to make these fun crafts and engage themselves in these fun activities. What’s more, even while making this April Fools’ Day Crafts to prank their friends, the kids can have a good roll on the floor with laughter by just anticipating the outcome of the fun crafts.

April Fools’ Day is just round the corner, and you may be still hunting for some new and unique ideas for the day this year. We can help you out with some:

  • Prank Gift Box
  • Fake Cake
  • Prank Letter

Prank Gift Box

You can squirm with laughter when you hand this gift over to the unsuspecting friend who will not be able to get it open. Hand him/her a card to the gift that says "Happy April Fools' Day!"

You will need:

  • Small gift box with lid
  • White craft glue
  • Wrapping paper
  • Ribbon or bow
  • Marker

How to make the Prank Gift Box:

  • Take the box and place anything inside it so that it feels a bit heavy. It can be a paperweight or even some pebbles wrapped in cotton balls.
  • After that, glue the lid to the box and set aside to dry.
  • Now wrap the box nicely with some colorful and glossy paper. Also add a ribbon or bow to make it look all the more beautiful.
  • Gift it to an unsuspecting member in the family or one of your friends. When they will be striving to open it, and will look seemingly dejected because they won’t be able to, hand them the card with the April Fools' message! 
  • Please note that, if you are using pebbles or pennies in the box, you have to line the box with cotton balls or they should be wrapped in cotton balls; otherwise these pennies or pebbles will rattle in the box.

Fake Cake

What can be more fun than tricking your friends with a tasty looking fake cake! The fun is going to be all the more when your friends will try to cut it.

You will need:

  • Round cake pan
  • Container of store-bought frosting
  • Sprinkles or nonpareils
  • Icing spatula
  • Cake plate
  • Wax paper

How to make the Fake Cake:

  • For making the Fake Cake, on a sheet of wax paper, place the cake pan (inverted).
  • Now, with the frosting, frost the whole of the cake pan. Pay special attention to the edges so that they cannot be seen through.
  • Now, slide the wax paper carefully to get your hand underneath the pan. Remove the frosted cake pan from the wax paper and put it on the cake plate.
  • With sprinkles or nonpareils, decorate the edges of the cake.
  • Pick up any generic frosting from the dollar store. This is not going to be a real frosting on a real cake, so you may compromise on that front if you want to.

Prank Letter

You can fool your parents and make them laugh their guts out with this silly prank letter disguised as a project list from your teacher.

You will need:

You can follow this letter template or write one with your creative ideas:

Dear Parent(s),

Our class is going to put together an important project. However, this is not a traditional project like the other projects we did in the past. Our supply closet is lacking some of the items and we will be obliged if you can help us getting any/some/all of them to aid in the success of our project. If the children can gather more than 2 of the items listed, they will be credited with extra marks.

Items Needed:

  • Horn of Unicorn
  • Groundhog Whiskers
  • Chocolate Vapors
  • Pepper Candies
  • Flying Hog
  • Haystack

Any help you can provide will be extremely welcome.

Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions.

April Fools’ Day

How to make it:

  • For making it, print the letter template and put it in your bag.
  • After you come back from school, make an exciting face and tell your parents about the fun new project. Then try to look seemingly sad and tell them that the school authority is low on supplies. Hand them the prank letter then.
  • Now, just watch their expressions as s/he reads the silly list of things the project will "need."
  • Note if you can take your teacher into confidence, it is going to be all the more fun. You can make him/her print the letter on school letterhead for fun!
  • Add your own list of silly things to the template for adding up to the fun!

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