April 30 Birthdays :123 Famous People Birthdays on 30 April

Isiah Thomas Birthday (April 30th)

Importance  Isiah Thomas is presently the head coach of the NBA's New York Knicks. Isiah Thomas Birth Details Isiah Lord Thomas was born on April 30, 1961, in Chicago. Isiah Thomas Personal Details Isiah Thomas no more plays with the National Basketball Association (NBA) as he has retired ....

April 30 Birthday Wishes

April 30 Birthday Wishes

Your birthday should be a national holiday. I need a day off. Happy Birthday.

I hope you ’more fun than a frog in a glass of milk?’ though I have no idea what that means. Happy Birthday.

April 30Birthday Quotes

'If you are an actress in L.A.‚ on your 40th birthday they should just hand you the keys to the lunatic asylum.'

Romola Garai

'I?m pushing sixty. That?s enough exercise for me.'

Mark Twain

People Born on April 30

Year Name
1553 Louise de Lorraine-Vaudemont queen of France (d. 1601)
1623 Francois de Laval first bishop of New France (d. 1708)
1651 Jean-Baptiste de la Salle French educational reformer‚ Catholic saint (d. 1719)
1664 Francois Louis Prince of Conti‚ French general (d. 1709)
1710 Johann Kaspar Basselet von La Rosee Bavarian general (d. 1795)
1723 Mathurin Jacques Brisson French naturalist (d. 1806)
1770 David Thompson Canadian explorer (d. 1857)
1777 Carl Friedrich Gauss German mathematician (d. 1855)
1803 Albrecht Graf von Roon Prime Minister of Prussia (d. 1879)
1812 Kaspar Hauser German mystery boy (d. 1833)
1829 Ferdinand von Hochstetter Austrian geologist (d. 1884)
1857 Eugen Bleuler Swiss psychiatrist (d. 1940)
1864 Juhan Liiv Estonian poet (d. 1913)
1865 Max Nettlau German anarchist (d. 1944)
1869 Hans Poelzig German architect (d. 1936)
1870 Franz Lehar Austrian composer (d. 1948)
1874 Cyriel Verschaeve Flemish clergyman (d. 1949)
1876 Orso Mario Corbino Italian physicist (d. 1937)
1877 Alice B. Toklas American companion of Gertrude Stein (d. 1967)
1883 Jaroslav Hasek Czech novelist (d. 1923)
1893 Joachim von Ribbentrop Nazi foreign minister (d. 1946)
1895 Philippe Panneton French Canadian physician‚ diplomat and writer (d. 1960)
1896 Hans List Austrian inventor (d. 1996)
1897 Humberto Mauro Brazilian director and screenwriter (d. 1983)
1901 Simon Kuznets Ukrainian-born economist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1985)
1902 Theodore Schultz American economist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1998)
1905 Sergey Nikolsky Russian mathematician
1908 Eve Arden American actress (d. 1990)
1908 Bjarni Benediktsson Icelandic Foreign and later Prime Minister (d. 1970)
1909 F. E. McWilliam Irish sculptor (d. 1992)
1916 Claude Shannon American engineer and mathematician (d. 2001)
1916 Robert Shaw American conductor (d. 1999)
1920 Duncan Hamilton British racing driver (d. 1994)
1921 Tove Maes Danish actress (d. 2011)
1923 Percy Heath American jazz musician (Modern Jazz Quartet) (d. 2005)
1923 Al Lewis American actor (d. 2006)
1923 Francis Tucker South African rally driver (d. 2008)
1923 Kagamisato Kiyoji Japanese sumo wrestler‚ the 42nd Yokozuna (d. 2004)
1925 Corinne Calvet French actress (d. 2001)
1925 Johnny Horton American musician (d. 1960)
1926 Cloris Leachman American actress
1928 Hugh Hood Canadian author (d. 2000)
1930 Felix Guattari French philosopher and social theorist (d. 1992)
1933 Dickie Davies British television presenter
1933 Willie Nelson American musician
1934 Jerry Lordan British composer and singer (d. 1995)
1938 Juraj Jakubisko Slovak film director
1938 Gary Collins American actor
1938 Larry Niven American author
1940 Burt Young American actor
1941 Stavros Dimas Greek politician
1941 Johnny Farina American musician and composer (Santo & Johnny)
1943 Frederick Chiluba former Zambian president (1991-2001)
1943 Bobby Vee American singer
1944 Jill Clayburgh American actress
1945 Annie Dillard American writer
1945 Michael Smith American astronaut (d. 1986)
1946 Lee Bollinger American lawyer‚ educator and president of Columbia University
1946 Don Schollander American swimmer
1946 Bill Plympton American animator
1947 Leslie Grantham British actor
1947 Finn Kalvik Norwegian singer
1947 Tom Kohlert Danish footballer
1947 Manousos Manousakis Greek director and producer
1947 Mats Odell Swedish politician
1948 Perry King American actor
1949 Phil Garner baseball manager
1949 Antnio Guterres Prime Minister of Portugal
1952 Jacques Audiard French film director
1953 Merrill Osmond American musician (The Osmonds)
1954 Jane Campion New Zealand film director
1954 Frank-Michael Marczewski German footballer
1955 Nicolas Hulot French journalist
1956 Lars von Trier Danish film director
1957 Aviva Chomsky American historian‚ daughter of Noam Chomsky
1958 Charles Berling French actor‚ director and screenwriter
1959 Paul Gross Canadian actor‚ director‚ and writer
1959 Stephen Harper Prime Minister of Canada
1959 W. Thomas Smith Jr American author and columnist
1960 Kerry Healey American politician
1960 David Miscavige American cult leader
1961 Isiah Thomas American basketball player
1963 Michael Waltrip American race car driver
1964 Tony Fernandes Malaysian entrepreneur
1964 Ian Healy Australian cricketer
1964 Barrington Levy Jamaican musician
1965 Adrian Pasdar American actor
1966 Jeff Brown Canadian ice hockey player
1967 Steven Mackintosh British actor
1969 Paulo Jr. Brazilian musician (Sepultura)
1969 Warren Defever American musician‚ composer
1971 John Boyne Irish novelist
1971 Darren Emerson Briti DJ (Underworld)
1972 JR Richards American musician‚ composer‚ actor (Dishwalla)
1973 Akon American R&B singer
1973 Jeff Timmons American singer (98 Degrees)
1975 Elliott Sadler American race car driver
1975 Mike Chat American actor
1975 Johnny Galecki American actor
1976 Amanda Palmer American musician (The Dresden Dolls)
1977 Jeannie Haddaway American politician
1977 Pell James American actress
1978 Tom Fulp animator and founder of Newgrounds
1979 Gerardo Torrado Mexican footballer
1980 Jeroen Verhoeven Dutch footballer
1980 Luis Scola Argentinean basketball player
1981 John O'Shea Irish footballer
1981 Emma Pierson British actress
1981 Kunal Nayyar Indian/British actor
1982 Lloyd Banks American rapper
1982 Kirsten Dunst American actress
1982 Cleo Higgins British singer and actress
1982 Drew Seeley Canadian actor and singer
1983 Tatjana Hfner German luger
1983 Troy Williamson American football player
1984 Shawn Daivari American wrestler and manager
1984 Lee Roache British footballer
1985 Ashley Alexandra Dupre American singer and call girl
1986 Dianna Agron American actress
1987 Alipate Carlile Australian rules footballer
1987 Nikki Webster Australian entertainer
1987 Rohit Sharma Indian cricketer
2002 Miguel Urdangarin y de Borbn Spanish prince