April 18 Birthdays :147 Famous People Birthdays on 18 April

Melissa Joan Hart Birthday (April 18th)

Melissa Joan Hart Biography Melissa Joan Hart, who is popular for enacting title roles in two super hit TV series 'Clarissa Explains It All' and 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch', was born in New York on April 18, 1976 to Paula and William Hart. While Paula is a producer, talent manager and she ....

April 18 Birthday Wishes

April 18 Birthday Wishes

Bonne anniversaire. Les ann?es passent et tu es toujours dans les ?toiles. Bonne continuation.

I hope that today is the beginning of a great year for you. Happy Birthda.

April 18Birthday Quotes

'I always wanted to shave. It is a very natural process. For my birthday I got a lot of shaving stuff.'

Chaz Bono

'The best luck of all is the luck you make for yourself.'

Audrey Camacho

People Born on April 18

Year Name
1480 Lucrezia Borgia Florentine ruler and daughter of Pope Alexander VI (d. 1519)
1580 Thomas Middleton English dramatist (d. 1627)
1590 Ahmed I Ottoman Emperor (d. 1617)
1605 Giacomo Carissimi Italian composer (d. 1674)
1771 Karl Philipp Frst zu Schwarzenberg Austrian field marshal (d. 1820)
1797 Adolphe Thiers French statesman (d. 1877)
1813 James McCune Smith African-American doctor and abolitionist (d. 1865)
1819 Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Cuban Revolutionary (d. 1874)
1819 Franz von Suppe Austrian composer (d. 1895)
1838 Paul Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran French scientist (d. 1912)
1857 Clarence Darrow American attorney (d. 1938)
1863 Leopold Graf Berchtold Austro-Hungarian foreign minister (d. 1942)
1864 Richard Harding Davis American author (d. 1916)
1874 Oskar Ernst Bernhardt German author (d. 1941)
1874 Ivana Brlic-Mazuranic Croatian writer (d. 1938)
1877 Vicente Sotto Filipino patriot‚ author (d. 1950)
1880 Sam Crawford baseball player (d. 1968)
1882 Leopold Stokowski Polish conductor (d. 1977)
1888 Duffy Lewis American baseball player (d. 1979)
1889 Jessie Street Australian suffragette‚ feminist‚ and human rights activist (d. 1970)
1893 Violette Morris French athlete (d. 1944)
1897 Ardito Desio Italian topographer (d. 2001)
1901 Al Lewis American lyricist (d. 1967)
1902 Giuseppe Pella Prime Minister of Italy (d. 1981)
1902 Menachem Mendel Schneerson Hasidic Judaism leader (d. 1994)
1904 Pigmeat Markham American comedian (d. 1981)
1905 George H. Hitchings American scientist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1998)
1907 Mikls Rzsa Hungarian-born composer (d. 1995)
1911 Maurice Goldhaber Austrian-born American physicist
1915 Joy Gresham Lewis American writer‚ wife of C. S. Lewis (d. 1960)
1917 Ty LaForest Canadian baseball player (d. 1947)
1917 Frederika of Hanover Queen Consort of Greece (d. 1981)
1918 Cliff Hillegass American publisher (d. 2001)
1918 Tony Mottola American guitarist (d. 2004)
1918 Gabriel Axel Danish film director
1918 Shinobu Hashimoto Japanese screenwriter
1919 Virginia O'Brien American singer and actress (d. 2001)
1921 Jean Richard French actor (d. 2001)
1922 Barbara Hale American actress
1924 "Clarence ""Gatemouth"" Brown" American musician (d. 2005)
1924 Henry Hyde American politician (d. 2007)
1925 Bob Hastings American actor
1925 Marcus Schmuck Austrian mountaineer (d. 2005)
1927 Samuel P. Huntington American political scientist (d. 2008)
1930 Clive Revill New Zealand born actor
1934 George Shirley American tenor
1936 Tommy Ivo American race car driver
1937 Jan Kaplicky British architect of Czech origin
1939 Thomas J. Moyer American judge
1940 Joseph L. Goldstein American scientist‚ Nobel laureate
1940 Mike Vickers British guitarist and saxophonist (Manfred Mann)
1942 Jochen Rindt German-Austrian racer and F1 (posthumous) world champion (d. 1970)
1942 Steve Blass American professional baseball player
1942 Robert Christgau American music critic
1944 Robert Hanssen American spy
1945 Margaret Hassan Irish-born aid worker (d. 2004)
1946 Hayley Mills English actress
1946 Skip Spence Canadian-born guitarist‚ singer and songwriter (Jefferson Airplane) (d. 1999)
1947 Kathy Acker American author (d. 1997)
1947 Dorothy Lyman American actress
1947 Herbert Mullin American serial killer
1947 Cindy Pickett American actress
1947 James Woods American actor
1947 Jerzy Stuhr Polish film director and actor
1949 Geoff Bodine American race car driver
1950 Kenny Ortega American film and TV producer and choreographer
1950 Paul Callery football player
1951 Ricardo Fortaleza Australian-Filipino boxer
1951 Pierre Pettigrew Canadian politician
1953 Rick Moranis Canadian comedian
1956 Anna Kathryn Holbrook American actress
1956 Eric Roberts American actor
1956 Melody Thomas Scott American actress
1956 Poonam Dhillon Indian actress
1958 Malcolm Marshall Barbadian West Indies cricketer (d. 1999)
1961 Jane Leeves British actress
1961 Steve Lombardi American wrestler
1961 John Podhoretz American columnist and political pundit
1962 Jeff Dunham American comedian
1963 Eric McCormack Canadian actor
1963 Conan O'Brien American comedian
1964 Niall Ferguson British historian
1964 Rithy Panh Cambodian film director
1964 Jim Ellison musician
1964 Mark Berry aka Bez‚ dancer in Happy Mondays
1965 Rob Stenders Dutch radio discjockey
1966 Trine Hattestad Norwegian athlete
1966 Valeri Kamensky Russian ice hockey player
1967 Maria Bello American actress
1968 Mary Birdsong American actress
1968 David Hewlett English born Canadian actor
1969 Keith R.A. DeCandido American author
1970 Rico Brogna American baseball player
1970 Saad Hariri Prime Minister of Lebanon
1970 Greg Eklund American musician
1970 Esther Schweins German actress and comedienne
1970 Tatiana Stefanidou Greek television host
1971 Tamara Braun American actress
1971 Russell Payne English writer
1971 Samantha Cameron business executive; wife of UK Prime Minister David Cameron
1971 David Tennant Scottish actor
1971 Oleg Petrov Russian ice hockey player
1971 Fredro Starr American rapper (Onyx)
1972 Rosa Clemente American activist and hip-hop artist
1972 Eli Roth American film director
1973 Derrick Brooks American football player
1973 Haile Gebrselassie Ethiopian athlete
1973 Brady Clark American baseball player
1973 Jad Abumrad American radio host and producer
1974 Mark Tremonti American musician
1974 Millie Corretjer Puerto Rican singer
1974 Edgar Wright British director
1976 Melissa Joan Hart American actress
1976 Fayray Japanese singer
1976 Jo Gibb Scottish Actress
1976 Justin Ross American politician
1977 Dan Lacouture NHL hockey player
1979 Michael Bradley American basketball player
1979 Anthony Davidson British Formula One driver
1979 Nuria Ferg Spanish singer
1979 Matthew Upson English footballer
1979 Kourtney Kardashian American reality television star
1980 Robyn Regehr Canadian ice hockey player
1981 Brian Buscher American baseball player
1982 Simone Farina Italian footballer
1982 Scott Hartnell NHL hockey player
1982 Darren Sutherland Irish boxer (d. 2009)
1982 Marie-elaine Thibert Canadian singer
1983 Miguel Cabrera Venezuelan baseball player
1983 Fodil Hadjadj Algerian footballer
1984 America Ferrera American actress
1985 Lukasz Fabianski Polish footballer
1985 Karl Reindler Australian racing driver
1985 Elena Temnikova Russian singer (Serebro)
1986 Maurice Edu American soccer player
1986 Billy Butler American baseball player
1986 Conrad Logan Irish footballer
1987 Brett Deledio Australian Rules Football player
1987 Danny Guthrie English footballer
1987 Sandra Lyng Haugen Norwegian singer
1987 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley British model
1988 Alexander Hauck South African-born German rugby player
1989 Alia Shawkat American actress
1989 Jessica Jung American-born South Korean singer
1989 Simas Buterlevicius Lithuanian basketball player
1994 Moises Arias American actor
2007 Hayah bint Hamzah Princess of Jordan