April 16 Birthdays :156 Famous People Birthdays on 16 April

Marie Christina Digby Birthday (April 16th)

Marie Christina Digby Biography Born on April 16, 1983, Marie Christina Digby was the eldest of the three daughters of cross-breed parents. Her mother is Japanese while her father is Irish-American. Shy by nature, she felt uncomfortable being in the limelight when she was in school. However, she lo....

Kingsley Amis Biography

Kingsley Amis (1922 – 1955) - Life History of a legendary English Writer A popular English novelist, critic, poet and teacher, Sir Kingsley Amis was a renowned personality. He was considered to be the finest British comic novelist of the second half of the twentieth century. In the year 2....

April 16 Birthday Wishes

April 16 Birthday Wishes

Chocolate is not fattening on your birthday so eat all you want! Of course it may catch up with you on the next day when you weigh.

I am glad that you have a sunny disposition because the 10-day forecast is for you to get older every day! Happy Birthday.

April 16Birthday Quotes

'I crashed my boyfriend’s birthday when I was 12 years old. He didn’t invite me and so I showed up.'

Isla Fisher

'Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times‚ it’s the only time we’ve got.'

Audrey Camacho

People Born on April 16

Year Name
1495 Petrus Apianus German mathematician (d. 1557)
1646 Jules Hardouin Mansart French architect (d. 1708)
1660 Hans Sloane British collector and physician (d. 1753)
1661 Charles Montagu 1st Earl of Halifax‚ British poet and statesman (d. 1715)
1682 John Hadley British inventor (d. 1744)
1693 Anne Sophie Reventlow queen of Denmark and Norway (d. 1743)
1728 Joseph Black Scottish chemist (d. 1799)
1730 Henry Clinton British general (d. 1795)
1755 elisabeth-Louise Vigee Le Brun French painter (d. 1842)
1800 George Bingham 3rd Earl of Lucan‚ British soldier (d. 1888)
1821 Ford Madox Brown English painter (d. 1893)
1823 Ferdinand Eisenstein German mathematician (d. 1852)
1827 Octave Cremazie French Canadian poet (d. 1879)
1844 Anatole France French writer‚ Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1924)
1847 Hans Auer Swiss architect (d. 1906)
1848 Kandukuri Veeresalingam Indian social reformer (d. 1919)
1859 Winifred Cochrane Countess of Dundonald‚ Welsh socalite (d. 1924)
1865 Henry George Chauvel Australian general (d. 1945)
1866 Jose de Diego Puerto Rican statesman and journalist (d. 1918)
1867 Wilbur Wright American aviation pioneer (d. 1912)
1871 John Millington Synge Irish writer (d. 1909)
1878 Tip Foster English cricketer (d. 1914)
1886 Ernst Thalmann German politician (d. 1944)
1889 Charlie Chaplin English actor and filmmaker (d. 1977)
1895 Robert Dean Frisbie American writer (d. 1948)
1896 Tristan Tzara Romanian poet and essayist (d. 1963)
1896 Pat Clayton British surveyor and explorer (d. 1962)
1899 Osman Achmatowicz Polish chemist (d. 1988)
1904 Fifi D'Orsay Canadian actress (d. 1983)
1905 Frits Philips Dutch businessman (d. 2005)
1907 August Eigruber Austrian war criminal (d. 1947)
1907 Joseph-Armand Bombardier French-Canadian inventor and businessman (d. 1964)
1910 Berton Roueche American medical writer (d. 1994)
1912 Garth Williams American illustrator (d. 1996)
1912 Catherine Scorsese Italian-American actress (d. 1997)
1915 Gerard McLarnon Irish playwright (d. 1997)
1915 Joan Alexander American actress (d. 2009)
1917 Barry Nelson American actor (d. 2007)
1918 Spike Milligan Irish comedian (d. 2002)
1918 Dick Gibson British racing driver
1919 Merce Cunningham American dancer and choreographer (d. 2009)
1919 Tom Willmore English geometer (d. 2005)
1921 Peter Ustinov English actor (d. 2004)
1922 Kingsley Amis English author (d. 1995)
1922 Pat Peppler American pro football coach and executive
1924 John Harvey-Jones British industrialist (d. 2008)
1924 Henry Mancini American composer (d. 1994)
1924 Rudy Pompilli American musician (Bill Haley & His Comets) (d. 1976)
1927 Edie Adams American actress (d. 2008)
1927 Peter Mark Richman American actor
1928 """Night Train"" Lane" American football player (d. 2002)
1929 Roy Hamilton American singer (d. 1969)
1929 Ed Townsend American singer and songwriter (d. 2003)
1930 Herbie Mann American jazz flute player (d. 2003)
1933 Joan Bakewell British broadcaster
1935 Sarah Kirsch German poet
1935 Bobby Vinton American singer
1938 Gordon Wilson Scottish politician
1938 Rich Rollins American baseball player
1939 Dusty Springfield English singer (d. 1999)
1939 Boris Dvornik Croatian actor (d. 2008)
1940 Beno?t Bouchard French-Canadian politician
1942 Sir Frank Williams English Formula One constructor and team principal (WilliamsF1)
1942 Jim Lonborg American baseball player
1943 Ruth Madoc British actress
1943 Dave Peverett English musician (Foghat‚Savoy Brown) (d. 2000)
1945 Tom Allen American politician
1946 Margot Adler American journalist
1947 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar American basketball player
1947 Gerry Rafferty British musician and songwriter (d. 2011)
1948 Lynne Franks British public relations consultant
1949 Melody Patterson American actress
1950 David Graf American actor (d. 2001)
1951 Ioan Mihai Cochinescu Romanian writer and photographer
1951 Bjorgvin Halldrsson Icelandic singer
1951 Mordechai Ben David American Yiddish singer
1952 Bill Belichick American football coach
1952 Michel Blanc French actor
1952 Billy West American voice actor
1953 Peter Garrett Australian singer (Midnight Oil)
1953 J. Neil Schulman American writer
1954 Ellen Barkin American actress
1954 John Bowe Australian racing driver
1955 Bruce Bochy American baseball player and manager
1955 Henri Grand Duke of Luxembourg
1956 David McDowell Brown American astronaut (d. 2003)
1956 Lise-Marie Morerod Swiss skier
1959 Scott McKinsey American television director
1959 Alison Ramsay Scottish field hockey player
1960 Rafael Benitez Spanish football manager
1960 Pierre Littbarski German footballer
1960 Wahab Akbar Filipino politician (d. 2007)
1961 Doris Dragovic Croatian singer
1962 Ian MacKaye American musician‚ (Fugazi and Minor Threat)
1963 Jimmy Osmond American pop singer (The Osmonds)
1963 Saleem Malik Pakistani cricketer
1964 Dave Pirner American rock singer (Soul Asylum)
1964 David Kohan American television producer
1965 Jon Cryer American actor
1965 Martin Lawrence American actor
1965 Michael Wong Man Tak Hong Kong actor and director
1968 Vickie Guerrero American professional wrestling personality
1969 Fernando Vina American baseball player
1969 Patrik Jarbyn Swedish alpine ski racer
1970 Dero Goi German musician
1970 Walt Williams American basketball player
1971 Peter Billingsley American actor
1971 Max Beesley English musician and actor
1971 Selena American Tejano singer (d. 1995)
1971 Moses Chan Hong Kong actor
1971 Seigo Yamamoto Japanese racing driver
1972 Conchita Martinez Spanish tennis player
1973 Bonnie Pink Japanese singer
1973 Akon American singer and song writer
1974 Mat Devine American singer (Kill Hannah)
1974 Xu Jinglei Chinese actress‚ singer and director
1974 Valarie Rae Miller American actress
1975 Keon Clark American basketball player
1975 Sean Maher American actor
1975 Kelli O'Hara American singer/actress
1975 Nick Pickard British actor
1976 Lukas Haas American actor
1976 Dan Kellner American fencer
1976 Shu Qi Taiwanese actress
1977 Akon American singer
1977 Alek Wek Sudanese supermodel
1977 Fredrik Ljungberg Swedish footballer
1978 Matthew Lloyd Australian rules footballer
1978 Lara Dutta Indian actress
1979 Christijan Albers Dutch Formula One driver
1979 Sixto Peralta Argentine footballer
1979 Sean Costello American blues musician
1980 Paul London American professional wrestler
1981 Anestis Agritis Greek footballer
1982 Boris Diaw French basketball player
1982 Barry Jones Scottish magician
1982 Jonathan Vilma American football player
1982 Gina Carano American Mixed Martial Arts fighter
1983 Cat Osterman American softball pitcher
1983 George Patis Greek badminton player
1983 Marie Digby American singer
1984 Amelia Atwater-Rhodes American author
1984 Noah Fleiss American actor
1984 Tucker Fredricks American speed skater
1985 Mark Baker Welsh author and historian
1985 Luol Deng British-Sudanese basketball player
1985 Benjamin Rojas Argentine actor and singer
1985 Brendon Leonard New Zealand All Black rugby player
1986 Paul di Resta British racing driver
1986 Peter Regin Danish ice hockey player
1987 Aaron Lennon English footballer
1990 Lorraine Nicholson American actress
1990 Lily Loveless British actress
1993 Mirai Nagasu American figure skater
1994 Liliana Mumy American actress
2003 Alina Foley American actress