April 15 Birthdays :179 Famous People Birthdays on 15 April

Stacey Williams Birthday (April 15th)

Stacey Williams Biography Introduction Stacey Williams is a popular American Super Model. She is best known for her modeling assignments for Sports Illustrated. She has appeared on many magazine covers and print advertisements. She has also done small roles in several movies. Personal Information....

Dara Torres Birthday (April 15th)

Dara Torres Dara Torres was born in Jupiter, Florida on April 15, 1967. She full name is Angelena Dara Grace Torres. She is an American swimmer. She is the only one swimmer to participate five Olympic Games from 1884 to 2008. Shes won Silver Medal in 50 meter freestyle, 4×100 medley rela....

April 15 Birthday Wishes

April 15 Birthday Wishes

Congratulations on being even more experienced. I’m not sure what you learned this year but I hope that you had fun. Happy Birthday.

I am glad that you have a sunny disposition because the 10 day forecast is for you to get older every day! Happy Birthday!

April 15Birthday Quotes

'I just had my 30th birthday and we went turkey shooting. It’s what I wanted to do‚ so we went.'

Kelly Clarkson

'Old age is not a matter for sorrow. It is matter for thanks if we have left our work done behind us.'

Audrey Camacho

People Born on April 15

Year Name
1452 Leonardo da Vinci Italian Renaissance polymath (d. 1519)
1469 Guru Nanak Dev the first of the ten Sikh Gurus (d. 1539)
1489 Mimar Sinan Ottoman architect (d. 1588)
1552 Pietro Cataldi Italian mathematician (d. 1626)
1588 Claudius Salmasius French classical scholar (d. 1653)
1641 Robert Sibbald Scottish physician (d. 1722)
1642 Suleiman II Ottoman Sultan (d. 1691)
1646 Pierre Poiret French mystic (d. 1719)
1688 Johann Friedrich Fasch German composer (d. 1758)
1707 Leonhard Euler Swiss mathematician (d. 1783)
1710 William Cullen Scottish physician (d. 1790)
1721 Prince William Augustus Duke of Cumberland‚ English military leader (d. 1765)
1741 Charles Willson Peale American painter‚> soldier and naturalist (d. 1827)
1772 etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire French naturalist (d. 1844)
1793 Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve German astronomer (d. 1864)
1794 Jean Pierre Flourens French physiologist (d. 1867)
1800 James Clark Ross English explorer (d. 1862)
1809 Hermann Grassmann German mathematician (d. 1877)
1828 Jean Danjou French Foreign Legion officer (d. 1863)
1832 Wilhelm Busch German poet (d. 1908)
1841 Joseph E. Seagram Canadian distillery founder (d. 1919)
1843 Henry James American author (d. 1916)
1856 Jean Moreas Greek poet (d. 1910)
1858 emile Durkheim French sociologist (d. 1917)
1861 Bliss Carman Canadian poet (d. 1929)
1874 George Harrison Shull American plant geneticist (d. 1954)
1874 Johannes Stark German physicist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1957)
1875 James J. Jeffries American heavyweight boxer (d. 1953)
1878 Robert Walser Swiss writer (d. 1956)
1879 Melville Henry Cane American lawyer (d. 1980)
1883 Stanley Bruce eighth Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1967)
1885 Tadeusz Kutrzeba Polish general (d. 1947)
1886 Nikolay Gumilyov Russian poet (d. 1921)
1888 Maximilian Kronberger German poet (d. 1904)
1889 Thomas Hart Benton American muralist (d. 1975)
1889 A. Philip Randolph American activist (d. 1979)
1892 Corrie ten Boom Dutch author and Holocaust survivor (d. 1983)
1892 Theo Osterkamp World War I and World War II German fighter pilot (d. 1975)
1894 Nikita Khrushchev Premier of the Soviet Union (d. 1971)
1894 Bessie Smith American blues singer (d. 1937)
1895 Clark McConachy New Zealand billiards player (d. 1980)
1896 Nikolay Nikolayevich Semyonov Russian chemist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1986)
1901 Joe Davis English snooker player (d. 1978)
1902 Fernando Pessa Portuguese journalist (d. 2002)
1904 Arshile Gorky Armenian artist (d. 1948)
1907 Nikolaas Tinbergen Dutch ethologist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1988)
1908 Eden Ahbez American songwriter (d. 1995)
1908 Lita Grey American actress (d. 1995)
1910 Miguel Najdorf Argentine chess grandmaster (d. 1997)
1912 Kim Il-sung President of North Korea (d. 1994)
1916 Alfred S. Bloomingdale American businessman (d. 1982)
1917 Hans Conried American actor (d. 1982)
1917 James Kee American politician (d. 1989)
1920 Thomas Szasz Hungarian-American psychiatrist
1920 Richard von Weizsacker President of Germany
1921 Georgi Beregovoi Russian cosmonaut (d. 1995)
1922 Michael Ansara Syrian-American actor
1922 Harold Washington American politician (d. 1987)
1924 Sir Neville Marriner English conductor
1927 Robert Mills American physicist (d. 1999)
1930 Vigdis Finnbogadttir President of Iceland
1933 Roy Clark American musician
1933 David Hamilton British photographer‚ film director and producer
1933 Elizabeth Montgomery American actress (d. 1995)
1933 Boris Strugatsky Russian author
1933 Jim Towers English footballer (d. 2010)
1936 Raymond Poulidor French cyclist
1937 Bob Luman American country singer (d. 1978)
1938 Hso Khan Pha Burmese politician
1939 Claudia Cardinale Tunisian-born actress
1939 Marty Wilde British singer
1940 Jeffrey Archer British author
1940 Willie Davis American baseball player
1940 Woodie Fryman American baseball player
1940 Robert Lacroix French Canadian professor of economics
1940 Robert Walker Jr. American actor
1941 Howard Berman American politician
1942 Francis X. DiLorenzo American Catholic prelate
1942 Walt Hazzard American basketball player
1942 Kenneth Lay American businessman (d. 2006)
1944 Dzhokhar Dudaev Chechen leader (d. 1996)
1944 Dave Edmunds Welsh musician
1947 Lois Chiles American actress
1947 Cristina Husmark Pehrsson Swedish politician
1947 Mike Chapman British songwriter
1947 Linda Bloodworth-Thomason American writer and television producer
1947 Woolly Wolstenholme British musician
1948 Michael Kamen American composer (d. 2003)
1949 Tonio K American singer
1949 Alla Pugacheva Russian singer
1949 Craig Zadan American film producer
1950 Josiane Balasko French actress‚ director and screenwriter
1950 Amy Wright American actress
1951 Heloise American newspaper columnist
1952 Bengt Gingsjo Swedish swimmer
1952 Kym Gyngell Australian comedian
1952 Sam McMurray American actor
1953 Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou Greek politician
1954 Seka American pornographic actress
1955 Dodi Al-Fayed Egyptian businessman (d. 1997)
1956 Michael Cooper American basketball player
1957 Evelyn Ashford American athlete
1958 Keith Acton Canadian ice hockey player and coach
1958 Dolores Gordon-Smith British writer
1958 Memos Ioannou Greek basketball player
1958 Noni ?oannidou Greek fashion model and actress
1958 Benjamin Zephaniah British writer
1959 Fruit Chan Hong Kong film director
1959 Emma Thompson English actress
1959 Thomas F. Wilson American actor
1959 Kevin Lowe Canadian ice hockey player and general manager
1960 Susanne Bier Danish film director
1960 Pedro Delgado Spanish cyclist
1960 Tony Jones English snooker player
1960 HRH Prince Philippe Duke of Brabant‚ heir to the Belgian throne
1962 Surjit Bindrakhia Punjabi Bhangra singer
1962 Nawal El Moutawakel Morrocan hurdler
1962 Tom Kane American voice actor
1963 Bobby Pepper American journalist
1965 Linda Perry American musician
1966 Samantha Fox English singer
1967 Frankie Poullain British musician (The Darkness)
1967 Dara Torres American swimmer
1968 Ed O'Brien British musician (Radiohead)
1968 Stacey Williams American model
1969 Jeromy Burnitz American baseball player
1969 Jimmy Waite Canadian ice hockey goaltender
1970 Flex Alexander American actor
1971 Katy Hill British television presenter
1971 Jason Sehorn American football player
1971 Kate Harbour English voice actress
1972 Lou Romano American voice actor
1972 Arturo Gatti Canadian boxer (d. 2009)
1974 Mike Quinn American football player
1974 Keith Malley American comedian and podcaster (Keith and The Girl)
1974 Danny Pino American actor
1974 Douglas Spain American actor
1975 Paul Dana American race car driver (d. 2006)
1975 Phil Labonte American vocalist (All That Remains)
1976 Jason Bonsignore Canadian ice hockey player
1976 Susan Ward American actress
1977 Brian Pothier American ice hockey player
1978 Austin Aries American wrestler
1978 Milton Bradley American baseball player
1978 Tim Corcoran American baseball player
1978 Anna Torv Australian actress
1980 Natalie Casey British actress
1980 James Foster English cricketer
1980 Raul Lpez Spanish basketball player
1980 Willie Mason Australian rugby league player
1980 Victor Nunez Costa Rican footballer
1980 Frank Schleck Luxembourgish cyclist
1980 Billy Yates American football player
1981 Andres D'Alessandro Argentine football player
1981 Seth Wulsin American artist
1982 Anthony Green American musician
1982 Seth Rogen Canadian actor and writer
1982 Albert Riera Spanish footballer
1982 Michael Aubrey American baseball player
1983 Ilya Kovalchuk Russian ice hockey player
1983 Alice Braga Brazilian actress
1983 Dudu Cearense Brazilian footballer
1983 Bronson La'Cassie Australian professional golfer
1983 Matt Cardle British singer/songwriter
1984 Cam Janssen American ice hockey player
1984 Ben Kasica guitarist (rock band Skillet)
1985 Chris Cates American baseball player
1985 John Danks American baseball player
1985 Aaron Laffey American baseball player
1985 Amy Reid German pornographic actress
1986 Quincy Owusu-Abeyie Ghanaian footballer
1986 Tom Heaton English footballer
1987 Sapphire Elia English actres
1988 Thomas Albanese Italian footballer
1988 Eliza Doolittle English singer
1990 Emma Watson English actress
1991 Daiki Arioka Japanese actor & singer
1992 Richard Sandrak American bodybuilder
1992 Amy Diamond Swedish singer