April 12 Birthdays :163 Famous People Birthdays on 12 April

Riley Smith Birthday (April 12th)

Riley Smith Biography Riley Smith Importance Riley Bryant Smith, the young and handsome American Actor has a huge fan following him due to his great looks and acting skills. Riley Smith Birth Details Riley Smith was born in April 12, 1978 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and later on he established himself....

April 12 Birthday Wishes

April 12 Birthday Wishes

Don’t wait to be old and wise. Know everything now and stop getting older.

Hoping this will be your best year ever. Happy Birthday.

April 12Birthday Quotes

'I gave a funny speech at my wife’s birthday party‚ and I’m thinking‚ ’Hey‚ I’ve still got it.’'

Larry David

'To keep the heart unwrinkled‚ to be hopeful‚ kindly‚ cheerful‚ reverent that is to triumph over old age.'

Audrey Camacho

People Born on April 12

Year Name
599 BC Mahavira the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism (d. 527 BC)
812 Muhammad at-Taqi Muslim Shia Imam (d. 835)
1484 Antonio da Sangallo the Younger Italian architect (d. 1546)
1500 Joachim Camerarius German classical scholar (d. 1574)
1526 Muretus French humanist (d. 1585)
1550 Edward de Vere 17th Earl of Oxford‚ English politician (d. 1604)
1705 William Cookworthy English chemist (d. 1780)
1713 Guillaume Thomas Francois Raynal French writer (d. 1796)
1722 Pietro Nardini Italian composer (d. 1793)
1724 Lyman Hall American signer of the Declaration of Independence (d. 1790)
1748 Antoine Laurent de Jussieu French botanist (d. 1836)
1777 Henry Clay American statesman (d. 1852)
1794 Germinal Pierre Dandelin Belgian mathematician (d. 1847)
1796 George N. Briggs 19th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1861)
1799 Henri Druey Swiss Federal Councilor (d. 1855)
1823 Aleksandr Ostrovsky Russian dramatist (d. 1886)
1839 Nikolai Przhevalsky Russian explorer (d. 1888)
1848 Jose Gautier Benitez Puerto Rican poet (d. 1880)
1851 Edward Walter Maunder English astronomer (d. 1928)
1852 Ferdinand von Lindemann German mathematician (d. 1939)
1856 William Martin Conway English art critic and mountaineer (d. 1937)
1868 Akiyama Saneyuki Japanese naval commander (d. 1918)
1869 Henri Desire Landru French serial killer (d. 1922)
1871 Ioannis Metaxas Greek general and dictator (d. 1941)
1878 Lionel Barrymore American actor (d. 1954)
1883 Dally Messenger Australian rugby league footballer (d. 1959)
1884 Otto Meyerhof Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine laureate (d. 1951)
1884 Tenby Davies Welsh runner (d. 1932)
1887 Harold Lockwood American actor (d. 1918)
1888 Heinrich Neuhaus Soviet musician (d. 1964)
1892 Johnny Dodds American musician (d. 1940)
1893 Robert Harron American actor (d. 1920)
1894 Francisco Craveiro Lopes 13th President of Portugal (d. 1964)
1898 Lily Pons American soprano (d. 1976)
1901 Lowell Stockman American representative (d. 1962)
1902 Louis Beel Prime Minister of the Netherlands (d. 1977)
1903 Jan Tinbergen Dutch economist‚ Nobel laureate (d. 1994)
1907 Felix de Weldon Austrian-born sculptor (d. 2003)
1907 Hardie Gramatky American author and animator (d. 1979)
1908 Robert Lee Scott Jr. American pilot (d. 2006)
1908 Ida Crowe Pollock English writer
1911 Mahmoud Younis Suez Canal engineer (d. 1976)
1912 Walt Gorney American actor (d. 2004)
1912 Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX Second Vice President of Indonesia (d. 1988)
1913 Keiko Fukuda Japanese-born American martial artist
1914 Armen Alchian American economist
1916 Beverly Cleary American writer
1916 Benjamin Libet American scientist (d. 2007)
1917 Helen Forrest American singer (d. 1999)
1919 Billy Vaughn American musician and bandleader (d. 1991)
1921 Robert Cliche Quebec politician and magistrate (d. 1978)
1923 Ann Miller American actor and dancer (d. 2004)
1924 Raymond Barre French politician and Prime Minister (d. 2007)
1924 Peter Safar Austrian physician (d. 2003)
1925 Joe Bowman American sharpshooter‚ Hollywood consultant‚ bootmaker & master showman (d. 2009)
1928 Hardy Krger German actor
1928 Jean-Francois Paillard French conductor
1930 Manuel Neri American artist
1930 Michal Zyczkowski Polish technician (d. 2006)
1931 Leonid Derbenyov Russian poet-songwriter (d. 1995)
1932 Dennis Banks American activist
1932 Lakshman Kadirgamar Sri Lankan politician (d. 2005)
1932 Tiny Tim American musician (d. 1996)
1933 Montserrat Caballe Spanish soprano
1934 Heinz Schneiter Swiss footballer
1935 Jimmy Makulis Greek singer (d. 2007)
1937 Igor Volk Soviet astronaut
1939 Alan Ayckbourn English writer
1939 Johnny Raper Australian rugby league footballer
1940 Herbie Hancock American musician and composer
1940 John Hagee American pastor and televangelist
1941 Bobby Moore English footballer (d. 1993)
1942 Carlos Reutemann Argentine racing driver and politician
1942 Jacob Zuma President of South Africa
1944 Georgios Balanos Greek translator‚author and publisher
1944 John Kay German-born musician
1945 Lee Jong-wook Korean Director-General of the WHO (d. 2006)
1946 Ed O'Neill American actor
1947 Tom Clancy American author
1947 Woody Johnson sports team owner
1947 Antonin Kratochvil Czech-born American photographer
1947 David Letterman American talk show host
1947 Dan Lauria American actor
1948 Jeremy Beadle English television presenter (d. 2008)
1948 Joschka Fischer Foreign Minister of Germany 1998-2005
1948 "Sandra ""Lois"" Reeves" American singer
1949 Scott Turow American writer
1950 Flavio Briatore Italian businessman and F1 team principal (Renault F1)
1950 David Cassidy American singer and actor
1951 Tom Noonan American actor
1952 Ralph Wiley American sports journalist (d. 2004)
1952 Reuben Gant American professional football player
1954 Jon Krakauer American author
1954 Pat Travers Canadian musician
1956 Andy Garcia Cuban-born actor
1956 Herbert Gronemeyer German singer
1957 Greg Child Australian mountaineer
1957 Vince Gill American musician
1958 Will Sergeant English musician
1958 Howard Stableford English actor and host
1960 Ron MacLean Canadian sportscaster
1961 Lisa Gerrard Australian musician
1961 Magda Szubanski Australian actress
1962 Art Alexakis American musician
1962 Takada Nobuhiko Japanese wrestler
1964 Amy Ray American musician
1965 Tom O'Brien American actor-producer
1965 Kim Bodnia Danish actor
1967 Sarah Cracknell English singer
1967 Mellow Man Ace Afro-Cuban rapper
1968 Alicia Coppola American actress
1968 Adam Graves Canadian ice hockey player
1969 Lucas Radebe South African footballer
1970 Nick Hexum American musician
1971 Nicholas Brendon American actor
1971 Shannen Doherty American actor
1972 Sebnem Ferah Turkish singer
1972 Paul Lo Duca American baseball player
1972 Dimitrios Kokotis Greek high jumper
1973 J. Scott Campbell American comic book artist
1973 Antonio Osuna Mexican baseball player
1973 Claudia Jordan American model
1974 Belinda Emmett Australian actor (d. 2006)
1974 Roman Hamrlik Czech ice hockey player
1974 Marley Shelton American actor
1974 Sylvinho Brazilian footballer
1976 Brad Miller American basketball player
1977 Giovanny Espinoza Ecuadorian footballer
1977 Glenn Rogers Scottish cricketer
1977 Sarah Jane Morris American actor
1977 Jason Price Welsh footballer
1977 Jordana Spiro American actor
1978 Guy Berryman British musician (Coldplay)
1978 Riley Smith American actor
1979 Claire Danes American actress
1979 Jordan De Jong American baseball player
1979 Elena Grosheva Russian gymnast
1979 Mateja Ke?man Serbian footballer
1979 Jennifer Morrison American actress and model
1979 Paul Nicholls English actor
1979 Cristian Ranalli Italian footballer
1980 Brian McFadden Irish singer
1980 Erik Mongrain Canadian musician
1981 Nicolas Burdisso Argentine footballer
1981 Grant Holt English footballer
1981 Brian Vandborg Danish cyclist
1982 Deen Bosnian singer
1983 Jelena Dokic Serbian/Australian tennis player
1983 Dwayne Smith West Indian cricketer
1985 Jeisa Chiminazzo Brazilian supermodel
1985 Ted Ginn Jr.American football player
1985 Paul Murphy Irish footballer
1985 Anna-Katharina Samsel German actress
1985 Olga Seryabkina Russian singer
1985 Hitomi Yoshizawa Japanese singer
1986 Blerim D?emaili Swiss footballer
1986 Marcel Granollers Spanish tennis player
1987 Brendon Urie American musician (Panic at the Disco)
1987 Brooklyn Decker American model and actress
1988 Amedeo Calliari Italian footballer
1994 Saoirse Ronan Irish actress
1994 Airi Suzuki Japanese singer
2000 Suzanna von Nathusius Polish child actress