An Advanced Oncology Certified Clinical Nurse Specialist (AOCNS) test is an exam taken by the nurses who aspire to care for those patients with advanced types of cancer. The AOCNS specialist is engaged in all aspects of care, from evaluation to treatment to management of results.

The content of the AOCNS Test is driven by the AOCNS Test Blueprint. The Blueprint comprises of 11 major subjects. Each primary subject area is included in each test with the percentage of items. The test comprises of 165 multiple-choice questions. To assess the number of scored sections in every subject area, the percentage should be multiply by 125. 


To appear for the AOCNS test i.e. certified as an advanced oncology clinical nurse, you'll require:

A latest license as a registered nurse (RN).
A nursing degree of Master's level from an accredited educational institute.
500+ hours experience as a clinical nurse specialist in adult oncology nursing either as part of a graduate educational program or post graduation.


Candidates will be appearing for three hour long test session, which will also include 10 minutes long computer-based testing part and 5 minutes for an exit survey.
Test Score

A different group of oncology nurses write questions for the AOCNS Test. The Advanced Practice Test Development Committee and other members of the ONCC staff and its testing body will cross check and review the questions prior to getting it included on a test. The committee, in collaboration with ONCC and the testing body, collects each form of the test based on the needs of the blueprint.

AOCNS Pretest Questions

The test contains 165 multiple-choice questions. Hundred twenty-five of the questions on each test are counted for the scoring of the test. The remaining 40 questions are newly incorporated questions. Questions having poor statistics are not incorporated in future tests. They are either discarded or redesigned and pretested once again.

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