Anzac Day Celebrations

Anzac Day is a public holiday in Australia and New Zealand. The Anzac Day celebrations commemorate the incident at Gallipoli in 1915 and the people who fought for both the countries, the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, during World War I.

It is believed that this was a war which was destined to be lost. Australian’s age of innocence faded away as the booming of the guns and the cries of the dying people were heard by the Australians and New Zealanders alike.

It was a defeat at Gallipoli, and more than 8700 Australians lost their lives and 2400 and 2721 New Zealanders were also shot dead. This was no doubt a massive loss to both the countries. The sacrifice of the people who lost their lives are deeply mourned and remembered on Anzac Day which is celebrated on 25th April every year.

Anzac Day Celebrations

Anzac Day is however a sad day and does not call for any celebration, rather a soulful remembrance of the deceased. However, there are some activities held on Anzac Day:

  • Dawn service – The tragic incident happened at Gallipoli at dawn and that is the reason why there is dawn service on Anzac Day to commemorate the incident. There is a very large dawn service held in Martin Place in Australia with thousands of people attending the service. Lots of defense members also support the service.

However, along this large dawn service, there are also other smaller dawn services that are held all through Sydney and New South Wales and Australia.

The RSLs and RSLs sub-branches, a Return Serviceman's League club established by the return servicemen generally conduct the services.

In the vicinity of each suburban RSL, a dawn service is held. Each one is equally solemn and significant, but may have a smaller scale of mass attending them.

  • An Anzac Day march is also held in the city every year. Starting from a variety of locations, the march finishes at Martin Place. It is a very humble sight to observe this march with thousands of people gathered to realize the significant contribution of the war veterans.
  • After the march, the Anzac Day Celebrations follow. People celebrate with lots of drinks and food and participation in games. In Sydney, there are marching bands who march around the city and march in and out of hotels and bars and pubs so that people celebrating out there for Anzac Day also have some entertainment.
  • There are some interesting games Australians like to play during Anzac Day Celebrations. A bewildering game is the Two-Up which is an unusual game. This can be best explained as a chance or a gambling game. Two-Up is regarded illegal in New South Wales except for on Anzac Day.

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