Anzac Day Activities

Anzac Classroom Activities

  • Finding 'Smithy'. Explore the legend and realism of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith.
  • Finding treasures at home Find out how to discover the backdrop to, and history of, military memorabilia in the family's tenure.
  • Remembering and commemorating the transcripts of three thought-provoking speeches give out as the background to questions on the impact of ANZAC and Gallipoli on Australian culture.
  • Australia and the Vietnam War Vietnam - The soldier's experience through written excerpts and images, be trained what the Vietnam knowledge was like for some Australian servicemen.
  • Australia and the Vietnam War -Why did Australia enter the war in 1965? Did Australians support this decision? Take a close look at the situation nearby the commitment of Australian forces to war in South Vietnam in 1965.
  • The sinking of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur - War crime, or legitimate target? Scrutinize the background to one of the most divisive events, from an Australian perspective, in World War 2.
  • Success and failure in the port of Singapore - Z Special Unit and the Jaywick and Rimau raids Prepare a report comparing two daring special forces operations (World War 2)
  • The Home Front - World War 2 Scrutinize the impact of World War 2 on Australian civilization from the point of view of persons who did not go to war.
  • The Last Gallipoli ANZAC - Constructing a biography of Alec Campbell Alec Campbell died in 2002. Alec Campbell was the last existing Australian to have fought at Gallipoli. Examine his experiences and life and find out why his transitory was of such importance toAustralia.
  • The fight of the Coral Sea - did it hoard Australia? This battle has extensive been celebrated and commemorated in Australia.
  • For many years it was eminent as the battle that ‘saved’ Australia. Did it? Should we still see this time as a special one in Australia’s history that deserves special recognition? (World War 2)
  • ANZAC Day - What does it mean to you today? A complete assessment of this unique event in Australian culture.
  • Women in the Australian Defence Force - Do they include an equivalent role to men? This activity was written for the Australian Defense Force who has given consent for it to be reproduced.
  • Case study of a World War 1 Service Record Discover how to read and interpret Service Records, based on the real proceedings of a WW1 AIF soldier, Private John 'Barney' Hines. (World War 1) 

Anzac Day Childhood Activities

Two types of activities are existing paper-based and interactive activities by a usual web browser.

Anzac Day Interactive Activities

Anzac Day Women in War

Australian women have completed unlike things in different wars. See what they have done and hear about their experiences by clicking on dissimilar buttons.

Anzac Day Flags

Children match flags to a quantity of key related and enemy countries in World War 1 and World War 2. They identify the countries on a world map and pull the flags to the suitable countries. They can then ‘experiment’ with diverse colours on four well-recognized flags.

Anzac Day Uniforms

Children use fine-motor and visual tracking skills to spot changes in uniforms in excess of time. They create a timeline by sequencing messy events, and then recognize the changes in uniforms over time, placing them in the right place on the timeline. They then have to recognize the key clothing and tools of a World War 1 Australian nurse and soldier and ‘dress’ them precisely.

Anzac Day Puzzles

Children use hand-eye co-ordination and well motor skills to recognize shapes and place them in the correct fraction of a puzzle. They then use literacy skills of interpretation and speaking to propose the best caption for the picture that emerges once the puzzle pieces are in place.

Anzac Day Paper Activities

How many poppies #1

Requires children to count up poppies and join dots forming numerals to verify the count

Lest we forget #1

Requires children to join the dots to reveal an outline of a soldier

Lest we forget #2

Requires children to join smaller amount, numbered dots to sketch part of the draw round of a soldier

Simpson’s maze 

Provides a labyrinth and requires children to “Help Simpson and his donkey locate their way to the medical tent”

Wreath making

Provides the directions and basic materials to assist children build an ANZAC Day circlet from paper

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