Anti Slavery Day 2016

Anti-Slavery day was created by Britain Parliament to create awareness for slavery in today’s world and to encourage people to stop it.

In 2010, an Anti-Slavery Day Bill was introduced in Parliament by Anthony Steen, then MP for Totness, South Devon and passed through both Houses with some amendments. Finally in 2010, the bill was transformed into a law.

It defines modern-day slavery as forced labour, child trafficking, domestic serfdom and human trafficking for sexual exploitation.

Anti-Slavery Day is celebrated on 18 October every year. It provides an opportunity to draw attention towards slavery and to pressurize local authorities, government, public and private institutions to take necessary action in this direction.

The purpose of Anti-Slavery Day:-

-To acknowledge that millions of people around the world continue to be the victims of slavery, depriving them of basic human rights, dignity and freedom.

-To raise awareness among people about the consequences of slavery, human trafficking & sexual exploitation and to encourage them to take active participation in the fight against them.

-To draw attention towards the progress made by government and institutions working to combat all forms of slavery, trafficking and exploitation, and what else should be done.

Anti-Slavery Day is organized by Anti-Slavery International; it is a nongovernment organization   which was founded in 1839.

It is the oldest human rights organization in the world and the only institution that works for slavery in United Kingdom.

It draws attention towards the problem of slavery worldwide and campaigns for its recognition, and eradication from the countries most affected from them.

Anti Slavery Day 2016