Anesthesiologist Career

Anesthesiology career is one of the most sought after profession these days. The perquisites and contentment with this career option are simply unparalleled.  

What exactly do you mean by an anesthesiologist?

Highly trained and extremely qualified doctors who specialize in the field of anesthesiology or relieve the patient of pain during the operation are known as anesthesiologists. They usually have the degree of MD or DO. An anesthesiologist develops an anesthetic plan and successfully relieves the patient of perioperative pain by administering anesthetic medicines. A more accurate definition of anesthesiologists is given by American Society of Anesthesiologists that states :

 "The practice of medicine dedicated to the relief of pain and total care of the surgical patient before, during and after surgery."

Anesthesiologist career starts with college followed by medical school and internship. To specialize in anesthesiology, he is required to complete three years of rigorous training after his internship. According to his will, he can go for the advanced studies of fellowship. 

Types of Anesthesia

Anesthesia works either in its generalized form or local form, depending on the type of surgery. When a person is made unconscious in a controlled and reversible manner so that he does not experience pain during the surgery, it is known as general anesthesia. When only the portion to be operated is anesthetized, it is referred to as local anesthesia. Respiration and functions of heart remain totally unaffected in either of these procedures. 

What is the main job in anesthesiologist career?

Making sure that the patient has no unpleasant sensation during the surgery is the primary responsibility with which anesthesiologist career is associated. He gets in touch with the patient well in advance before the surgery is scheduled and ensures that the patient is medically sound. In case of any medical history, significant precautions are taken. After that, anesthesia is administered according to the need of the surgery. He has to keep a check on the patient's vital signs and also have a vigilance on the effect of anesthesia. If it is noticed to wear off, adjustments have to be made accordingly. Syncope and other medical emergencies should be recognized by him so that prompt action can be taken. Cigarettes, alcohol and herbal medicines can adversely affect the anesthesia. Besides, an anesthetist should also be careful that the patient is not allergic to the anesthetics. Obstetrical anesthesiologist is involved with the patient care during the birth of a child. 

How to make a career as an anesthesiologist?

Start with high school. Take biology, physiology and chemistry classes very seriously. After graduation, you are good to enter a medical college. You can even enter medical college if you clear General Education Development exam. Before applying in the medical school, four year degree is mandatory. Medical College Admission Test is the prescribed test for admission in a medical college. After medical schooling, you need to attend anesthesiology residency to start anesthesiologist career. Next, you can appear in American Board of Anesthesiology Examination. You can even take a fellowship program that includes cardiac or pediatric anesthesiology once you complete the residency. Keep in mind the job stress involved with this profession before you undertake this course. Good decision makers can be a successful anesthesiologist. If you can work comfortably without letting pressure overpower you, this field can be very lucrative for you.   

What is the approximate earning in an anesthesiologist career?        

Anesthesiologists earn a huge amount of money because of which they are the highest paid medical professionals. According to demographics, experience, your field of specialization and type of facilities available, the salary of an anesthesiologist is determined. The company size also is an important factor in this aspect. $ 300000 is the tentative salary of an anesthesiologist. When it comes to Rupees, it comes up to Rs. 978086 annually. Experienced professionals can earn even $ 450000. Apart from salary, you can even earn bonus. Cardiology and pediatric anesthetists are paid even better.  

If you start anesthesiologist career, what is the scenario at work ?

Hospitals and outpatient surgery centers are the physical locations to pursue career as an anesthesiologist. You can even start a private practice. Except these options, you can even choose to go for work in a dental office. Group practices and urgent medical centers are also on the lookout for skilled anesthetists. Working hours for an anesthetist per week are 60 to 70 hours. You are eligible to take a vacation for 20 to 30 days per year. Travelling is not a requisite if you are an anesthetist. You can even work at an academic medical center if you are inclined to do so. Pain treatment centers do not require an anesthetist to work on weekends. They are usually not on call too but an emergency might come up if the surgeon has to operate in critical conditions of the patient. If you wish to work with physiotherapists or psychotherapists, you can consider that option too. Most of the time as an anesthetist is spent in the operating room along with nurses, specialized doctors and surgeons. However, in some centers, an anesthetist has to be present even in the recovery room. Career of anesthesiologist is a very rewarding profession because you always feel the satisfaction of seeing a patient absolutely comfortable and free from pain.   

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