Amnesty International Day

Amnesty International is actually a non-government organization which was formed to fight and take care of human right issues across the world. Its head office is in London, United Kingdom .it has millions of members and supporters from various part of the globe. The objective of Amnesty International was to make efforts to do research work and generate corrective actions to prevent and end the dire abuses of human rights. It focuses on demanding the justice for those who have been the victim of any such event.

Origin of the Day

Seeing the worldwide requirement of a common platform to discuss the human right issues it has been decided that Amnesty International day will be celebrated on the 28th May of every year. It was founded in 1961 with the publication  of the article ‘The Foreign Prisoners ‘ in London and then the wave of the efforts and movements have got so much popularity and upsurge across the world. All the countries then propounded the representations in the common activities and operations to achieve the aims and objectives of the association.

How to Celebrate the Day

Amnesty International has come up as very strong stage for the under privileged and victims of human right violations and tortures. They can show case their problems to a larger audience and relevant authorities so that proper justice can be restored. There are various forums provided through this special day and one can use them for the productive purposes.


The major activities that are organized on the Amnesty International Day involve the research and development presentations, discussion over the human right issues, opinion poll and surveys, awareness spreading programmes, visit of international leaders and social activists and many others. Different countries send their delegates to attend the programmes, to put their view and problems to the world forum. They try to find out different ways to solve the world problems with multilateral talks and treaties. There are major six areas in which they want to work through this special day:

  • Women, Children, Minorities  and their rights
  • Torture related problems
  • Abolition and Removal of Death Penalty
  • Issues and Right of Refugees across the globe
  • Right and problems of prisoners
  • Security and Protection of human dignity

There are millions of members who participate in the events and share their views to handle the mentioned issues.

Importance of the Day

It plays a vital role across the globe to form a public opinion related to human right issues. UNO also takes the help from Amnesty International in terms of data, information, and research work. This group influences countries and governments to provide justice to their manpower in the most acceptable and dignified manner. It is also true the role of such non government initiatives and organizations have been immense in providing the quality of life that we are living today. They try to create a forum where one can talk and share his or her issues freely without any fear and discriminations.

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