American Ideal Culture And Its Reality

Right from the beginning of 1600s colonial era, throughout the history, American culture has been influenced by the immigrants from different parts of the world. It is really difficult to answer the question whether immigrants has changed the America or vise versa. The immigration of popular cultures placed a great impact not only on the economic, social and political development but also on the cultural inheritance. It is an open fact that the culture of United States is originally inclined by British or European cultures but later on, it was diversified by other racial and ethnic groups. Even though there were many cultural conflicts between the eminent immigrant ethnic groups and mainstream society in the past, its popular unique culture is the result different cultural mixtures.

With various ethnic identities and settlement patterns, America has evolved as a unique cultural community that has been influenced by generations of immigrants. But today, there are many controversies on immigration of popular cultures like Hispanic immigrants from Mexico as they are becoming a major political and social part of the nation. This constant and major influence from a single country is causing various issues of cultural evolution and great opposition by existing stream of inhabitants. Since the key concept of the culture is a blend of knowledge, social values and attitudes, knowledge, skills, literacy and education, music and arts, the spirit of America is driven by millions of immigrants entering into the country every year.

The contribution and effect of immigration on American culture is most evident throughout the history of US. During the last two decades the immigration of popular cultures from Mexico, India, china and Philippines influenced majority of people in US in every aspect from the ethnic foods to style of clothing. Though immigrants become more Americanized to adopt themselves to these environments, they are also able to sustain their aspects of culture and traditions to deliver these things down to the upcoming generations.

With the drastic technical and industrial developments in the last two decades, the US culture has altered giving more real possibilities for other groups of immigrants to become part of the mainstream and experience the success of their abilities. As America is a leading country in the globalization, it continues to welcome immigration of popular cultures from different countries to embrace their knowledge and skills. The assimilation of different cultural traits impacted the present day American essence in every aspect from the online internet games to Hollywood movies.