American Eagle Day 2017

The Bald Eagle, or the American Eagleas it is more popularly known, has the privilege of being the National Bird of USA.  The American Eagle was declared an endangered species when the number of nesting pairs fell to 417. The American Eagle Day commemorates the significance of the preservation of endangered species through various programs and activities. The programs and activities also aim to teach appreciation and respect for the Bald eagles as well as their natural habitats.

Origin of the Day Dedicated to our National Bird

The origin of the day can be traced to the collective efforts of the people of America. The combined efforts by the administration, tribes, communities, schools and individuals have paid rich dividends and the American Eagles have been taken off the endangered list in 2007 after their numbers touched 12,000 in the 28 lower states. The journey of the bald eagles from near extinction to the flourishing numbers day is a symbol of the undying spirit of America as is showcased by the importance of the day in America.

How to Celebrate the Day that Commemorates the Collective Efforts of Americans

Every year the 20th of June is celebrated as American Eagle Day. The day celebrates the successful efforts to save America’s national symbol, the Bald eagle. To honor this great achievement the American Eagle was added in the national emblem of the US as its main image from the 20th of June 1982 onwards. There is no difference of opinion on how to celebrate the day. The programs and activities on this day aim at raising awareness for the protection of the national bird. Participants are encouraged to adopt the eagles, assist in recovering and safeguarding their natural habitats and participate in various educational activities associated with the programs.

Importance of the Day for all Americans

The importance of the day also reflects the success of scientific programs towards the recovery of endangered species. The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) organizes many interesting activities and educational programs to celebrate the recovery of the Bald Eagle population. The importance of the day is most of America celebrates American Eagle Day. Although off the endangered list, the Bald Eagles and the Golden Eagles are still protected under the Bald and Golden Eagle protection Act, 1940. An interesting event on this day is the live coverage of an eagle nest under the Eagle Nest Cam program. This program by the AEF hopes to educate the people by showcasing a pair of American Eagles caring for their eaglets.

The Role of Scientific Studies and Activities

Environmental education programs as well as shows like Eagle Mountain Sanctuary and Wings of America aim to increase awareness about America’s iconic symbol. Non-profit organizations like the AEF act as a platform that unites professionals, citizens and authorities towards a common goal. They organize many studies and activities that help in the preservation and recovery of endangered species like the Bald headed eagle and their natural habitats. These organizations also promote awareness and importance of the day among the citizen of USA.

American Eagle Day 2017