American Business Women’s Day 2017

American business women’s day is celebrated as the recognition and in honor of women working in business or women running the business around United Nations. The day is dedicated for the business women and women in business for their contributions and achievements that helped for the growth of the nation. The day reminds the support and encouragement the women deserve in the field of business.

The day is initiated by American Business Women’s Association which is a national educational association. The mission of the association is bringing the business women of different occupations together and providing them ample opportunities that help to assist themselves and letting others develop personally as well as  professionally through leadership; education, networking, support, education and national recognition”. The association supports the women by awarding scholarships for study. With millions of members and thousands of chapters over the United Nations, the association has been encouraging the vital contributions of business women to the Nation since 1949.

When is American Business Women’s Day celebrated?

American Business Women’s Day is celebrated annually on 22nd of September.

Origin of the day

The day is proclaimed by the President of United States of America, Ronal Regan in 1986. The reason for choosing the day is the American Business Women's association was founded on 22nd September, 1949. The celebrations of the day were actually initiated in the year 1982 but was recognized as holiday in 1983 and proclaimed in the year 1986.

Celebrations of the day

The day is celebrated by all the women owners of business and women in business. The American Business Women Association organized several campaigns, exhibitions and competitions. The women share their experience and learn from others’ experience. The lectures from the successful business women are organized. The future workouts, the practical issues of working women etc are discussed.

Importance of the day

Women in business often face several problems. Being talented, innovative and energetic, many women are forced by the society to stand behind. Several inevitable responsibilities and duties are dragging many women that they couldn’t even possess the educational qualifications they wish to. Few other keep themselves behind as they are suggested that business is not for the women as it possess high risk factors. Thus, the day provides ample opportunities to the women to get encouraged to enter the business education and the business field. The activities of the day not only support the existing business women but also encourage the new comers.

Activities of the day

A business woman can

  • Organize a gathering of co-business women
  • Conduct any events related
  • Organize any training program
  • Arrange an exhibition
  • Co-ordinate the members to organize a social welfare work
  • Encourage the students to opt for the business education
  • Explain how women entrepreneurs are helping in the development of the Nation
  • Participate in the competitions or arranging the competitions with the theme of the day
  • posting the pictures of the events in social websites that the viewers may get inspired
  • Prepare a presentation that involves the achievements of the women and successful business women. Exhibit it to encourage everyone and support the business women and working women
  • The others may
  • Attend in any of the activities of the day like attending the exhibition, participating in the competitions etc.
  • Know the importance of the day and let others know it
American Business Women’s Day 2017