Amelia Earhart Day 2015

What is Amelia Earhart Day?

Amelia Earhart Day is celebrated in remembrance of the famous “Amelia Mary Earhart”. Amelia Mary Earhart was born on July 24th 1897. She was a well known American aviation pioneer and an author too. Amelia was the first women to receive a U.S Distinguished Flying Cross which was given to her for being the first aviatrix to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Other achievements from her included many best-selling books. Her books were mainly based on her flying experience. The book was so famous and such a big hit that it was used as a base in the formation of “The Ninety Nines” which is a female pilots organization. While making a circumnavigational flight in 1937, Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. That day the most extensive search was carried out to find Earhart and her co-pilot. Over 4 million dollars were spent on this search but to no avail as neither Earhart nor her plane could be spotted.

Today there are school, streets, hospitals etc named after her. Her birthplace has become a shrine where Earhart awards and scholarships are given every year.

When is Amelia Earhart Day Celebrated?

The Amelia Earhart Day is celebrated on July 24th in remembrance of the great Amelia Mary Earhart. Its symbolizes a way of paying respect and honor to a great lady who changed so many lives by the teachings, books and by setting a different bar altogether for women pilots everywhere.