Aloha Festivals 2014

Hawaii Aloha Festivals 2014

Event Name : Aloha Festival
Start Date :  Fri,Sep 12, 2014

End Date : Sun,Sep 28 2014

Venue :  Hawaii

Aloha Festivals are annual cultural celebrations held in the Hawaii state of the USA. The festival lasts for six weeks held during the months of September and October. The six weeks of celebrations symbolizes the six islands Kauai, Lanai, Oahu, Molokai, Maui and Hawaii. The festivities include celebrations through a wide range of cultural activities such as dance and musical performances, street parties, parades, traditional performances like martial art-dance combinations, markets, parades, boat races and food festivals.

The Aloha festival was first celebrated in the year 1946, with the idea of preserving and popularizing Hawaiian traditions and rich cultural heritage. The festival is the effort of the Jaycees –the old timers of Hawaii. The Aloha Week was celebrated with a formal presentation at the Royal Court, followed by a floral parade. But in recent times, the festivities have attained greater grandeur and last for almost 2 months including 300 events of various forms and variety. The Aloha week was transformed into Aloha festivals in the year 1991. The festival attracts thousands of visitors and locals every year and has given a boost to tourism, the main occupation of the inhabitants of this island.

The main attraction of this festival is the street parties called "ho'olaule'a". Hula dancers are another big draw. Many tourists come here to witness the extravagant floral parades and concerts and also to learn and master the hula dance moves. The 65-year old celebrations of Aloha festivals are to honor the cosmopolitan culture of the state. The funding for the festival comes through the sale of merchandise, private and corporate donations. Hundreds of volunteers help set the stage for this greatest cultural extravaganza of Hawaii.

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