All Saints Day Quotes

All Saints Day Quotes

All Saints Day 2014

Methinks the truth should live from age to age,
As 'twere retailed to all posterity,
Even to the general all-ending day

- Shakespeare

If you don't appear at all one day they think you're lazy or dead. 

- Frank O'Hara

And whilst our souls negotiate there,
We like sepulchral statues lay;
All day, the same our postures were,
And we said nothing, all the day.

- John Donne

Here we are all, by day; by night we are hurled By dreams, each one into a several world. 

- Robert Herrick

And I would love you all the Day,
Every Night would kiss and play,
If with me you'd fondly stray
Over the Hills and far away

- John Gay

A woman spent all Christmas Day in a telephone box without ringing anyone. If someone comes to phone, she leaves the box, then resumes her place afterwards. No one calls her either, but from a window in the street, someone watched her all day, no doubt since they had nothing better to do. The Christmas syndrome

- Jean Baudrillard