Alexander Graham Bell Day 2017

Alexander Bell is best known for inventing the telephone. We all tend to take the telephone for granted. Today in a world where every new model of SmartPhone is soon overtaken by another, it is important to remember the humble beginnings of this indispensable device which is part of our everyday lives. Alexander Graham Bell Day is celebrated on the 7th of March each year. This date coincides with the day on which Alexander Bell received the patent for his design of the telephone.


  • Born in Scotland on 3 March 1847, Alexander Bell was always fascinated with the process of speech transmission.

  • Young Alexander told his friends that one day it would be possible to transmit speech through telegraph, little knowing that in a way he would be the one to achieve this.

  • Following the death of his two brothers from tuberculosis, his parents moved to the United States as they felt that it was the only way to keep their remaining child safe.

  • When Mr Bell first tested his telephone, the first words he uttered over the telephone were to his assistant which were, “Mr Watson, come here, I want to see you".

  • Alexander was of the belief that a person should not always tread the beaten track. If you go into the woods to explore, he said, you are bound to see new and exciting things. By pursuing these things, you are bound to find something to think about. All great discoveries, he said, are caused by thought.

Activities on this Day

  • Although there are no set activities for this day, there are quite a lot of telephone-related activities especially as this holiday is created by an act of Congress, the Alexander Graham Bell Day Act, 2005.

  • You can contribute to this day by calling your friends on the landline preferably and let them know about the day.

  • It is possible that there will be some meets organized by telephone companies to spread the story of the telephone.

  • On this day it is likely that there will be some documentaries featuring the story of the telephone and Alexander Bell on the television.

Once you are aware of this day, you can participate in whichever activities are available and make Alexander Graham Bell Day one to remember.

Alexander Graham Bell Day 2017