Albert Einstein Birthday (March 14th)

Albert Einstein Birthday (March 14th)

Albert Einstein's contributions to physics are undoubtedly a wonder in worlds of technology and development of the society.

Albert Einstein theory comprises of hypothesis of relativity, which resigned mechanics with electromagnetism, and the general speculation of relativity, which unmitigated the principle of relativity to non-uniform motion, generating a new theory of gravitation.

Apart from these there are also other contributions such as capillary action, relativistic cosmology, classical problems of statistical mechanics critical opalescence and the relevance to quantum theory, an explanation of the Brownian movement of molecules, atomic transition probabilities, a theory of radiation including stimulated emission, the quantum theory of a monatomic gas, thermal properties of light with low radiation density which put the foundation for the photon theory, the notion of a unified field theory, and the physics geometrization.

Born: March 14, 1879, Ulm, Germany
Died: April 18, 1955, Princeton, New Jersey, United States
Spouse: Elsa Einstein (m. 1919–1936), Mileva Marić (m. 1903–1919)
Children: Eduard Einstein, Lieserl Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein, Margot Löwenthal, Ilse Löwenthal
Education: University of Zurich (1905), ETH Zurich (1896–1901), Aargau Cantonal School (1895–1896), Luitpold Gymnasium (1895)
Citizenship: Kingdom of Württemberg (1879–1896), Stateless (1896–1901), Switzerland (1901–1955), Austria-Hungary (1911–1912), German Empire (1914–1918), Weimar Republic (1919–1933), United States (1940–1955)
Fields: Physics
Institutions: Swiss Patent Office (Bern), University of Zurich, Charles University in Prague, ETH Zurich, Caltech, Prussian Academy of Sciences, Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, University of Leiden, Institute for Advanced Study
Known for: General relativity and special relativity, Photoelectric effect, Mass-energy equivalence, Theory of Brownian Motion, Einstein field equations, Bose–Einstein statistics, Bose–Einstein condensate, Bose–Einstein correlations, Unified Field Theory, EPR paradox
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Place of birth

The birth of Albert Einstein took place at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on 14th March in the year 1879. Albert Einstein's birthday is celebrated one among the famous birthdays in march, on that day birthday gifts, birthday cards, pictures of Albert Einstein are distributed or supplies among the school children.

Personal details

  • After six weeks Albert Einstein's family went to Munich, where Albert Einstein's schooling started at the Luitpold Gymnasium.
  • After that, they moved to Italy where Albert continued his education at Aarau, Switzerland and in the year 1896, he joined the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich to be trained as a teacher in mathematics and physics.


Albert Einstein got his diploma in the year 1901 and then Albert Einstein obtained the Swiss citizenship. But unable to find a teaching post he accepted the position as a technical assistant in the Swiss Patent Office. Albert Einstein obtained his doctor's degree in the year 1905 finally.

In the year 1909 Albert Einstein became Professor Extraordinary at Zurich and simultaneously in the year 1911 Albert Einstein became the Professor of Theoretical Physics at Prague.

Albert Einstein was appointed Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Physical Institute and Professor in the University of Berlin in the year in 1914.


  • Albert Einstein's work includes a wide range such as more than fifty scientific papers and also non-scientific books. Einstein is honored by the physics community and in the year 1999 Time magazine honored him as the "Person of the Century".
  • In popular culture the name "Einstein" is regarded as the genius of the times. Einstein possessed a clear outlook of the problems of physics and the purpose to solve them. He had a stratagem of his own and was able to envisage the most important stages on the way to his aim.
  • Albert Einstein regarded his major achievements as mere stepping-stones for the next move forward.


  • In the year 1921 Albert Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics, "for his services to Theoretical Physics, and for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect".
  • In the year 1999, Time magazine termed Albert Einstein as the "Person of the Century".
  • Einstein is ranked as the most important personnel in History and the supreme scientist of the twentieth century and one of the utmost intellects of all time.