Alabama St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2016

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Most of the nations worldwide celebrate St. Patrick's Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick on March 17 every year to commemorate Saint Patrick, one of the the most commonly recognized patron saints of Ireland. Even though the Irish people observed the festival first in Ireland, gradually it gained importance among other ethnic groups and countries especially in Australia, Canada, Argentina, Great Britain, Montserrat, New Zealand, Uruguay and the United States. In United States, besides New York, St Patrick day is one of the most amazing Irish events to take part.

Events of St Patrick day parade in Alabama:

  • St Patrick day is a remarkable occasion to watch as the people traditionally wear green colored dresses, feathers, and a small bunch of shamrocks on their jackets and caps. Generally, the celebrations include many fun filled activities such as music and dancing, Irish food and beverages, games for children, fairs, markets etc. Of all the St Patrick day entertainment activities, parade is the best and most amazing event to watch and participate.
  • In fact St Patrick day events are the most common festivities not only in major cities of Alabama like Birmingham, Madison, Mobile, Huntsville, Montgomery but also popular in small towns such as Jacksonville, Troy, Millbrook, Trussville etc. Every year thousands of people including bagpipers, Irish dancers and singers, musical bands, local organizations and other Irish groups line the streets of downtown to watch and participate in this greatest Irish tradition.

2015 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Alabama by location

2015 Mobile St. Patrick’s Day Parade 

Date : Saturday March 14, 2015 at 8.00 A.m

2015 Madison County Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Date : Saturday March 14, 2015

Alabama St. Patrick's Day Parade 2015

2014 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Alabama by location

Madison County - Saturday March 15, 2014

start : intersection of Jefferson and Monroe streets


Mobile city

Birmingham St. Patrick's Day Parade 2013

2013 Mobile St. Patrick's Day Parade

Sunday, March 17th @ 2pm

2013 Madison County Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Sunday, March 17th at 11.30 am

Downtown Huntsville