Every high school student in Alabama should qualify the Alabama High School Graduation Exam to get a diploma. Students get six opportunities to pass the test, spanning from 10th grade to 12th grade. It was designed in a way so that a student with the knowledge and skills of an 11th grade education can qualify it.

The AHSGE manifests five sections-reading, language, math, science, and social studies. All questions are multiple choice questions. For reading and comprehension 563 is the cutoff mark for a passing score. The passing marks for language are 560. The math portion asks for 477 marks as passing score. The science section requires 491 marks to pass. In social studies 509 score is needed to pass.


A ninth-grader student will be required to take the AHSGE. The students should pass the minimum required courses which includes at least 24 credits in course work. In addition, students should also qualify the appropriate subject-area tests of the Alabama High School Graduation Exam, Third Edition.


Following methodology should be followed to prepare for and qualify AHSGE

  • Take a particular AHSGE subject area test occasionally when on the verge of completion in high school. This will remain the content fresh in the mind and it will ask to spend lesser time in reviewing the test content for the AHSGE test.
  • Practice is very important. Solve more and more practice problems. Use practice tests wherein solutions are also provide.
  • Understand the concepts to retain them for a longer time and recollect them easily on the day of the test. 
  • Be attentive towards your high school studies. The test AHSGE is of high school level. Having good knowledge of high school studies will enable you to do well in the AHSGE as also!

AHSGE Test Score

Following aspects should be kept in mind to score high in AHSGE:

  • Do not select the answer option rapidly. The AHSGE is not timed. So take time to analyze the answer options and option for the right one.
  • You can take the AHSGE for a maximum of six times during your high school career beginning from spring of your 10th grade. Plan your studies beforehand.
  • Take the subject area test after you have finished the required course at high school. In this way, the content will be fresh in your mind which will increase your chance of scoring high.
  • A list of necessary formulas will be offered with the mathematics test booklet for the Math test. You may still need to remember some of the formulas and concepts.

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