Africa Industrialization Day 2016

Africa Industrialization Day is commemorated on November 20 every year. It is a time when governments and other bodies in many African countries experiment ways to refine Africa's industrialization process. It is also an occasion to attract worldwide media attention to the issues and challenges of industrialization in Africa.

The Day is chosen to mobilize the commitment of the international community to the industrialization of Africa. It also reminds that more than 30 of the world's 48 least developed countries are part of Africa continent.


The 25th General Session of the Government of the Organization of African Unity and Assembly of Heads of State was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in July, 1989. November 20 was declared to be Africa Industrialization Day, during this session. On December 22, 1989, the UN General Assembly also announced this date as Africa Industrialization Day. This day was first observed on November 20, 1990.

How It is Commemorated?

Various events are conducted on the occasion of Africa Industrialization Day. Many of these involve local and national leaders and representatives of national and international non-governmental bodies. A special effort is made to coordinate leaders or representatives of as many African countries as possible to discuss the industrialization of Africa and appraise the development achieved in the last year. The United Nations Industrial Development Organization plays a vital role in coordinating activities on and around Africa Industrialization Day.

Besides this, statements are forwarded to UNIDO's headquarters in Vienna, Austria. These statements comprise of leaders from the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa, and the United Nations. It is expected that these parties will raise global awareness of the importance of industrialization in Africa and stir the international community that more than 30 of the world's 50 least developed countries are part of Africa.


Each year a particular theme is assigned to the events related to Africa Industrialization Day. In the past the themes have been:

  • "New information and communication technologies" (2002)
  • "Acceleration of Africa’s integration in the global economy through effective industrialization and market access" (2003)
  • "Strengthening productive capacity for poverty reduction within the framework of NEPAD" (2004).
  • "Strengthening productive capacity for poverty reduction within the framework of NEPAD" (2004).
  •  “Reducing poverty through sustainable industrial development" (2006).
  • "Technology and innovation for industry: investing in people is investing in the   future" (2007).
  • "Business through technology" (2008).
  • “Industrialization for integration” (2009).


The geographical representation of Africa with Madagascar islands is the symbol of Africa Industrialization Day. Flags of international bodies in Africa may also be displayed.

Steps to be Taken

African leaders must provide a complementary regulatory and financial infrastructure for such changes to generate strength.

Meanwhile, the international community must coordinate with African Governments and institutions to do the research work, make the investments and deploy the technologies for a climate-synergic, low-carbon growth path to feed Africa's increasing population and increase the living standards by constructing the industries of the future.

Today we are living in the computer age where technology has developed leaps and bounds and we have enjoyed and celebrated a big pie of success in terms of development, industrialization and commercialization but at this stage of a major portion of our earth is still groping in the dark and yet to come to terms with the developments and are oblivious of the developments then we must say we haven’t actually developed. We need to extend a hand of support and assistance to bring all those countries in the main stream which are far behind compare to our development and culture.

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