What is AFQT Test

It is a common misconception that the AFQT score is the overall ASVAB score, but that's incorrect. Actually, the AFQT score is extracted from four of the nine ASVAB tests: Word Knowledge (WK), Mathematics Knowledge (MK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), and Arithmetic Reasoning (AR).

The AFQT score is considered as the eligibility test, which is the most important ASVAB score, as it ascertains if you are fit for the military service of your choice.
The AFQT score is a comparison statement of how one scored on the four sub tests, vis-a-vis to those who took the ASVAB as part of the 1997 survey. If a candidate has an AFQT score of 70, it says that the candidate scored better than 70 percent of those 12,000 folks.


The eligibility to take AFQT test includes:

  • The candidate must be a U.S. citizen or resident alien.
  • You must be at least 17 years old (with parental consent if age is 17 years).
  • High school diploma is required.
  • Must qualify a physical medical exam.


Following are the requirements that need to be taken care of when appearing for the test:

  • Identification card to the CAT-ASVAB and the MET-site ASVAB,
  • 2 pencils, test booklets, scratch paper, and answer papers are offered by the test administrator.
  • Using own pencils or a pen to write answer are not allowed.
  • Calculators are not permitted at the test.
  • Don’t forget to use the bathroom before the test.


There are several books and guides available in the market and online also which can help you have a better insight into the types of test being held and the way to prepare for this test. A few of the most prominent guide books include:

  • ASVAB Basics
  • ASVAB Success
  • Master the ASVAB
  • Barron's How to Prepare for the ASVAB
  • Pass Key to the ASVAB
  • Master the ASVAB
  • 30 Days to the ASVAB


Understanding the overall objective of the exam, how it is designed, how the questions are and how the scores are determined-all are necessary to acquire good score. Scoring of an exam is specifically necessary to establish targets for self and move towards those.

When there is a score target in mind, one will work towards it to achieve it. If one has set a high target for oneself, one shall strive to acquire it despite the shortcomings. But if there is no set target, one might not even work up to one’s full potential by manifesting a relaxed attitude. Hence, it is quite imperative to understand the scoring of ASVAB for achieving success in it.

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