What is AEPA Test

The Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments test which is also termed as AEPA test is a mandatory test for all aspiring teachers who wish to teach in Arizona. For several aspiring teachers, AEPA is simply a test which they must clear only by studying and practicing on practice test questions but the truth is entirely different.

The tests are tailor made to assess a candidate's potentials in relation to a set standard rather than in relation to other candidates' performances. The tests are objective-based and designed to reflect broad goals based on the subject matter that a teacher is supposed to know and the types of skills the educator should be equipped of.


Irrespective of whether you are writing an English literature paper, solving algebra problems, or cross checking a chemistry lab report, there are a few key components every student needs to include in a study plan.

Time-Management - It is not the quantity of time you spend in studying is important. It's what you can learn and grasp during that time. Design a study plan and learn how to manage your time in a right manner to optimize your results.

Motivation – Without motivation your study session will not be productive. Select a time of day where you can motivated to prepare for tests, solve problems and write essays.
Concentration - The potential to concentrate is one of the more prominent study skills you require to develop. Learn to overcome distractions and focus all your attention on your studies.

Take Help When in Doubt - If you have some queries don't be shy. Ask your instructor, friends or any peer for help. It is important to sort out the problem area as early as possible. Otherwise, you will have to spend more time studying to catch up.


Aspirants who wish to take up the career of teaching they are eligible to take this AEPA test. This test is mandatory for teachers, Superintendents, Principals and Supervisors certification and also for joining educator preparation courses.


On the AEPA, the multiple-choice part counts for 90 percent of your entire score, whereas the essay part counts for 10 percent. The scores possible on the AEPA ranges from 100 to 300 and 240 or higher is a passing score.

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