ACT Test

The ACT test evaluates the high school students' overall general educational aptitude and their potential to accept and perform college-level work. This test is designed to assess a potential college student's academic growth.

The ACT is a multiple choice test consists of 4 parts which include:

Math: In this section 60 multiple choice questions are asked and 60 minutes are allowed to complete this section of the exam.

English: This part consists of 75 multiple choice questions with 45 minutes allotted to complete.

Reading: It comprises of 40 multiple choice questions with 35 minutes allotted to complete.

Science: In this part 40 multiple choice questions are asked and 35 minutes are allowed to complete the paper.

Writing: This part of test is optional in which a short essay is asked to write. 30 minutes are offered to complete this test.

As ACT test is directly pertaining to what students have learned in high school classes in English, mathematics, and science, students are usually more at ease with the ACT than they are with other conventional aptitude tests.


High school students who are going to apply for higher courses and studies are eligible to take this test.


To score well on the ACT Test, it is imperative that you study smart instead of hard! For that you need to understand what's on the exam. Ensure that you know the test outline. Study when you are alert. Don't waste time studying for the sake of study. Design a flexible study schedule and study when you can. Emphasis on the subject and material that you are weak in. Practice tests can also help you determine this. Take exams with self-applied time constraints, it will help you make sure that you know the material.


ACT score requisites may differ from college to college. Most schools publish the average ACT scores of admitted students on their sites. If you're looking to get admission in a specific school, you should check their website to get idea if their ACT scores are available online.

If you score somewhere between 34 and 36, you are considered to be amongst the top 1% of students who take the exam. Majority of Ivy League schools seek ACT scores in the 90th percentile that is usually a score of 28. Majority of public universities asked for minimum that is an 18.

ACT Test Dates 2014 - 15

Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline
9/13/2014 8/8/2014 8/22/2014
10/25/2014 9/19/2014 10/3/2014
12/13/2014 11/7/2014 11/21/2014
2/7/2015 1/9/2015 1/16/2015
4/18/2015 3/13/2015 3/27/2015
6/13/2015 5/8/2015 5/22/2015

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