Accuplacer Test

What is Accuplacer Test

The accuplacer is a computer-based test tailored to offer placement and suggestive information to students who are going to enter college.

This test is divided into three sections. The Reading Comprehension asks 20 questions pertaining to reading skills, like recognizing primary idea and making inferences. The Sentence Skills part has 20 questions of sentence construction and grammar. The Elementary Algebra test manifests high school Algebra I questions. The writing part tests sentence skills, through which the examinees ability to accurately recognize right forms of written English is examined.

Accuplacer test is considered to be one of the simplest of all other tests, as it is based upon ones’ own aptitude level and on the personal knowledge that the sole individual possesses.


To take this test the requisites are ones academic development and growth therein as the test results, in addition to the academic background, goals, and interests, are assessed by academic advisors and counselors to ascertain your course selection.


All new degree seekers and certificate students are eligible to take this test. Apart from this transfer students who don’t have transfer credits in English or math from their earlier schools can also appear for the test. Those transient students aspiring to take English or math and students who have not assessed in the past two years or transferred college level courses are also advised to take this test.


You can find a whole lot of test preparation materials online. There are multiple websites offering Accuplacer study advices and guides, in many cases, free of charge.
For a decent score your study guides should prepare you to write a nice essay. The adaptive system of the Accuplacer test says that the questions you will be asked will be based on how you have answered earlier ones.


The passing marks in this test include Reading Comprehension – 78, Elementary Algebra – 63, Sentence Skills – 80 and Written Essay – 6. The scores, which spans from 0 to 120, are provided instantly after the test. They are submitted to the college, which in turn provides them to you.

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