Accounting Day 2017

Accounting has been considered as a very tedious, meticulous and non-creative work and the professionals from this domain are very much desirable for assessment and calculation purposes. The Accounting Day is celebrated across the world on May 19th every year to promote the practice and profession of accounting.


The Accounting Day actually started way back in the year 1972 and year 2015 will be the 44th annual celebration. If we see the origin of this day the most accepted thought says that it started by the San Diego Chapter of the California Society for Certified Public Accountants. Though other believers also postulate that the credit goes to the Institute of Management Accountants and it actually founded the day. The first name of this special day was Accounting Career Day and focuses on promoting the accounting profession in the community. Its basic purpose was dual; first to provide a healthy and supportive network to the accountants working in different domain like industries, government and private agencies and second in enabling the quality literacy in the field of accounting among the numerous participants.


In the recent years it has been observed that the Accounting Day has got so much popularity across the globe and many countries and their several states have come up to celebrate it. Several sponsors and exhibitors are there who participate in the event. Many accounting firms and research work providers are sending their representative to this big event and its horizon is increasing day by day.

Activities on Accounting day

There are various activities like series of seminars and education spreading programme, presentations, guest lectures, practical training sessions organized as an integral part of the celebrations. Major topics are from accounting, finance, banking and other related and contemporary topics .There is a dedicated website for this day and one can see the upcoming events and changes in the schedules. It also helps the people to nominate them in various activities and take the maximum advantage of it.

Importance of the Day

With the advent of industrialization and globalization accounting profession has also witnessed an upsurge. Many companies and agencies are coining up to do their businesses across the globe. Many accounting related frauds have been seen in the recent years and that is why there was a need to promote the accounting standards and principles. Celebrating the Accounting Day at international level plays a vital role in this direction. Apart from this it also helps the professional and practitioners of the domain to share a common plate form where globally accepted standards and norms can be formulated and implemented. One key contribution of the Accounting Day is inculcating and spreading the most ethical practices in the industry so that fraudulent activities can be minimised.

If we analyse the past celebrations and activities of Accounting Day it is evident that participations and collaboration from all the stake holders have been increased. People are taking it with open mind with flexibility. Many accounting firms and research work providers are sending their representatives to this big event. This way it is getting so much popularity.

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Accounting Day 2017