Accident Laws

Accidents are a part of life.  These unfortunate incidents may occur when you are driving, riding or even walking.  Accidents might be due to the fault of one person which results in injury to another party or it might be the fault of the injured.  The U.S. has various accident laws for different kinds of accidents.  These laws vary with the state in which the accident occurs.  With the help of these laws, the injured parties get justice which might involve compensation and the injurer is punished.

Accident laws for different types of accidents

  • Car and truck accident

When there is an accident involving a car or a truck and there is personal injury, the burden of proof rests with the injured person.  This means that he has to prove that he has been injured due to the act of the driver of the car or truck.  The accident may be a case of 2 vehicles dashing, or a vehicle hitting a pedestrian. The insurance company which has provided insurance to the vehicle responsible for the accident will be held responsible according to U.S. accident laws.

  • Bicycle accident

Bicycle accidents occur when the bicycle dashes against another vehicle or person. 

  • Motorcycle and other vehicle accidents

Accidents can also involve motorcycles and other vehicles like watercraft.

  • Farm and construction accidents

A large number of accidents in the U.S occur in farms and on construction sites.  While accidents on farms could be because of some machine used for farming, accidents on construction sites can also be due to construction workers falling from heights.  According to the accident laws in the U.S., project owners, contractors, subcontractors, architects and insurance companies may be jointly responsible for injury or loss to life.

  • Injuries from defective products

Sometimes accidents also take place due to a defect in the manufactured product.  For instance, a mobile phone may burst when the user is using it and this may result in injury.  The manufacturers are responsible for such accidents and will have to compensate the injured party in accordance with the accident laws of the U.S.

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