International Joke Day 2017

Each year International Joke Day is celebrated on 1st July. This day is prominently for laugh out loud with your friends and dear ones. International Joke Day may appear to be no serious stuff for many but the day speaks volumes about itself. Joke day can be an awesome opportunity to act humorously and laugh your heart out.


Although the creator or the origin of the day isn't very clear and known, it is still celebrated around the world as it a happy holiday. It is said that laughter is a remedy to all ailments then why wait for any other day than the “International Joke Day”.

It is believed that the first joke originated in ancient Greece by Palamedes. He shot to fame for outmatching Odysseus before the Trojan War. A laughter club was first formed in 350 BC. That indicates that humans have always enjoyed cracking jokes and having a good laugh. It is the primary nature of humans to swap jokes and witticisms and this is what keeps us apart from animals.

How International Joke Day Is Celebrated

Many people across the planet are suffering from pain and agony. Reasons may differ but it is certainly a painful sight to witness suffering people. But on International Joke Day, everyone can spread a little laugh to not only to their near and dear ones but also to the entire world. There is no bigger exhilaration in this world than being happy and spread happiness. Cracking a zestful joke or two, making funny gestures, rotating mirthful videos, passing jokes through email etc. are all those activities that are mostly popular on July 1.

It is said that laughter is contagious. The more you laugh, better are the probabilities of you attributing to make the world a better place to live in. Medical science has also accepted that laughing enables you to fight off illnesses by catapulting your immune system.

On International Joke Day, people use to crack some funny jokes and make others feel happier and better. We should never forget the Japanese proverb, “time spent laughing is time spent with God”.

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