International Day of the World’S Indigenous People 2017

International Day Of The World’S Indigenous People 2017 theme is "Indigenous Peoples" .

Origin of the Day

International Day of the world’s Indigenous People is celebrated on 9th August every year. This day was first announced by General Assembly of United Nations Organisation in December 1994. Its aim is to promote and protect the rights of the people who belong to the community. There are many things required to be worked in the niche segments like environmental protection, environmental pollution and many others. With the help of this day the governments try to give homage to these people for their selfless services. The participating members in the celebrations put forth their opinion about various human right issues that are prevailing in different sections of the society. All such indigenous people are invited at an international forum and they have been offered recognition, appreciation, awards, reward, accolades etc.

How to celebrate the Day

With the advent of industrialization and globalization many social issues have also being populated like land issues, cultural issues, criminal offences etc. UNDP (United Nations Development Program) is also providing the helping hand to make the celebration successful. Various treaties and pacts have been signed in the celebrations. One educational campaign was also organized by ‘Haudenosaunee’ to highlight the issues related to Dutch immigrants. Different places are selected to celebrate the event and successful indigenous people are invited to speak with others so that they can also get motivated to do some big thing in their lives. The members try to showcase the day on internet so that maximum number of people can participate in the events. One can post his or her comment freely and give his contribution to the objective of the events.


International Day of the world’s Indigenous People has become very popular and many activities are organized by several member associations. Various awareness campaigns are there so that one can visit to understand the real problems related to these people. Government is also showcasing this special day at international, national, regional and local level so that everybody can be part of it. At many places experts come to participate in the discussions and tell the remedies of certain issues. Media is also doing many activities where they try to propagate the real issues in front of the policy makers and appeal for the possible corrective actions. These activities are spread across the locations and many volunteers are coming up to fight for the burning issues of these people.

Importance of the day

This special day has so much importance in strengthening the society in many ways. With the help of all the stakeholders’ efforts different agencies, non government organizations and individuals are coming forward to promote the indigenous people who are left behind in the race of the society and give them a respectable place. It has given the tremendous opportunities to the supporters of these people to raise their voice for a better and respectable living standard. Hence 9th August is a very important day where the real issues can be expressed and escalated. 

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